Customer impressions, clicks, and calls in Smart campaigns

  • Smart campaigns help you track customer impressions, clicks, and calls to your ad.
  • Tracking these interactions can help you determine how well your ads are attracting potential customers.

You've added your business and written your ads for your Smart campaign. Now you'll want to start thinking about interactions with your ad—namely, customer impressions and actions.

How impressions work

An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, or on a Google partner website.

Impressions indicate how often your ad messaging is being shared with potential customers. Impressions are good for building brand awareness or helping people recognize and get familiar with your business.

The more impressions you get, the more likely you’ll get clicks and calls from your ad. You aren’t charged for impressions.

How actions work

A customer can interact with your ad by clicking it or calling the phone number listed in your ad. After clicking your ad, a customer will be taken to the “landing page” for your ad—usually your website or Google+ page. People may also click the phone number in your ad to call your business on their mobile device.

When an action is taken on your ad, it can indicate that someone is interested in finding out more about your business. Reviewing the number of actions your ad received can help you understand how well your ad appeals to potential customers. Relevant ads are more likely to receive clicks and calls from people interested in what you offer.

Reviewing your customer impressions and actions

In the Smart campaigns dashboard, you can find the number of customer impressions and actions that your ad received in your ad summary card. Your ad summary card shows the following information:

  • Impressions of your ad: How often any version of your ad has been shown.
  • Clicks of your ad: How often any version of your ad was clicked.
  • Calls to your number (if call reporting is enabled): How often you received calls to the Google forwarding number in any version of the ad. This data will appear only if you've turned on call reporting in your ad.
  • Amount spent: How much your ad has spent in the current month.
  • Search phrases: If someone searches for one of these phrases, your ad may appear next to the search. You can use the "Edit" button to disable any phrases that aren’t good a fit for your business.
  • Map actions (if enabled)
  • Google Analytics (if enabled)

How to see your customer impressions, clicks, and calls

  1. Click All campaigns, and then click the name of the campaign you want to see data for.
  2. Scroll the page down to see the cards and data, like impressions, clicks, calls, and more.
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