Manager accounts (MCC): About notifications in manager accounts

Notifications in your manager account help you stay on top of important issues that may affect both your manager account and your client accounts.

Your “Notifications” page, which you can find in the side navigation from any page in your manager account, displays notifications for all the manager accounts you manage and client accounts linked directly and indirectly to your manager account. Here are the different types of notifications for manager accounts:

  • Payment alerts (including for declined and expiring credit and debit cards)
  • Keyword and Creative alerts (including for underperforming keywords and disapproved ads)
  • Campaign alerts (including for campaigns ending or ended)
  • Budget alerts (including for account budgets running low or running out and account budgets ending)
  • Account alerts (including inactive accounts due to incomplete account information)

Bear in mind

Your manager account won’t display all available alerts for your client accounts. Drill down directly into your client accounts to see all alerts for each account. You’ll see those alerts in the top corner of the client account. Find out more about alerts and notifications for individual Google Ads accounts.

Search for notifications within client accounts

To search for notifications within specific client accounts, you can create filters to view only certain types of alerts, those triggered at certain times and alerts for particular accounts.

Note: The instructions below are part of the new design for the Google Ads user experience. To use the previous design, click the 'Appearance' icon and select Use previous design. If you're using the previous version of Google Ads, review the Quick reference map or use the search bar in the top navigation panel of Google Ads to find the page you’re searching for.

Here's how to filter your notifications:

  1. Sign in to your manager account.
  2. Click the Accounts icon Accounts icon., then click Notifications.
  3. Click the filter icon Filter, and select from the following filters: Type, Accounts, Managed account type, Account name or Customer ID. You can apply multiple filters.

Dismissing alerts

To dismiss an alert, tick the box next to the alert that you want to remove and click the Dismiss button. When you drill down into your client accounts, you will no longer see the alerts you dismissed; however, users who log in through the individual Google Ads account will still see these alerts unless they have also been dismissed by a user at the account level.

You can't dismiss critical (red) alerts but, as the related issues are resolved, the system updates will remove them. The frequency of these updates varies by alert type, but alert-related issues that you've resolved should be reflected in your client accounts within 24 hours or less.

Updating alerts

Alerts for manager accounts are updated at various times and frequencies throughout the day, depending on the type of alert. Most alerts shown on the “Notifications” page are updated throughout the day as our systems process the information that triggers these alerts. Among these are most payment alerts, and keyword and creative alerts.

Some alerts are updated daily at 2.00 a.m. in the advertiser's local time zone. These daily alerts include campaign ending alerts, budget alerts and payment alerts for no billing information entered and no bank transfer pre-payment received.

Alerts on the “Notifications” page show the date the alert was first triggered. In addition, the time-stamp message at the bottom of your “Notifications” page tells you when your alerts were last updated. Earlier alerts that haven't changed yet will remain in place despite this update.

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