View locations and distance reports

Locations reports and distance reports help you understand how your ads are doing across different locations.

Here are the different location reports available to you:

  • Locations: Unified report of your campaign performance for the locations that you targeted and the locations where your ads appeared.
    • Targeted locations view: Shows your performance based on the locations that you targeted.
    • Matched locations view: Shows your performance based on the locations that matched your ads. These locations could be users’ physical locations or locations of interest.
  • Excluded: Lists all your negative targets.
  • Distance: Reports the distance between the location that triggered your ad and your closest business location.

If you use location assets, you can use the distance report to see how your ads performed in varying distances from your business. Distance reports are available for Search Network and Shopping campaigns.

This article describes how you can view the location and distance reports for your campaign. For more background on these reports, you can learn more about measuring geographic performance in Google Ads.


How to view your location reports

  1. Click Campaigns Campaigns Icon, Insights & reports, then click When and where your ads showed. 
  2. Click the Matched locations along the horizontal tabs.

How to view your distance reports

  1. Click Campaigns Campaigns Icon,  Insights & reports, then click Report editor. 
  2. Find the campaign for the distance report that you want to view in the Workspaces filter, and click its name.
    • Optional: If you want to see a distance report for an ad group, click the name of your ad group.
  3. Select Predefined reports (formerly Dimensions) > Locations > Distance. Your data will be organised by distance.
  4. Customise the date range in the top right-hand corner above the chart.
  5. To download the data in the report, click the download icon A picture of the download icon for Google Ads and Merchant Center in the top right-hand corner above the table.
Note: Metrics listed below country level may not add up to campaign totals. This is due to some impressions only being matched at the country level and not included in smaller geographic areas.

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