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You can try improving your keywords by changing their match types, their bids, and more. For example, you could increase bids for keywords that are performing well and decrease your bids for keywords that aren't converting to sales. You can help increase your sales and lower your costs by adding, changing, or removing keywords, and by changing their match type, their bid, and more. For example, let's say your campaign has been running for a while and your performance data shows that some of your keywords are performing better than others.

It's important to remember that when you edit the keyword you're removing the original keyword and creating a new one. Also, the statistics your keyword has accumulated will be reset to zero.

This article shows you how to edit or remove keywords. You can also learn more About keywords and how to Add keywords.


Note: The instructions below are part of a new Google Ads user experience that will launch for all advertisers in 2024. If you’re still using the previous version of Google Ads, review the Quick reference map or use the Search bar in the top navigation panel of Google Ads to find the page you’re searching for.
  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Campaigns icon Campaigns Icon.
  2. Click the Audiences, keywords, and content drop down in the section menu.
  3. Click Search keywords.
  4. Find the keyword you want to edit.
    1. To edit the keyword itself:
      1. Click the pencil icon next to the keyword.
      2. Make your edits, and click Save.
    2. To make other changes:
      1. Check the box next to the keywords you want to edit.
      2. Click Edit, then select an option from the menu.
      3. For changes other than enabling, pausing, or removing keywords: make your changes, then click Apply. You can also click Preview to see your changes before applying them.
  5. Select the keyword you wish to edit.
  6. Click the Edit drop-down list and select what you want to edit.
  7. If you are running a Search campaign and want to select a new match category, click the Edit icon next to the keyword.
  8. If you want to change the bid, click the pencil button Edit next to the amount in the “Max. CPC” column.
If you're using automated bidding, your bids are automatically optimized and the "Max. CPC" column won't have a pencil button.
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