Apply your campaign draft’s changes to the original campaign

With drafts, you can mirror your campaign’s setup and prepare multiple changes to your campaign at once. If you don’t need to run an experiment to test how the changes affect your campaign performance, you can apply your draft’s changes to the original campaign at any time. This article shows you how to apply your draft’s changes to the campaign. To learn how to create an experiment from your draft, see Set up a custom experiment.

After you apply a draft to a campaign, the campaign will reflect the changes you made in your draft. Keep in mind that a draft can no longer be edited after it’s applied to a campaign.

Before you begin

If you haven’t yet created a draft, read Set up a campaign draft.


Note: The instructions below are part of a new Google Ads user experience that will launch for all advertisers in 2024. If you’re still using the previous version of Google Ads, review the Quick reference map or use the Search bar in the top navigation panel of Google Ads to find the page you’re searching for.
  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Campaigns icon Campaigns Icon.
  2. Click the Campaigns drop down in the section menu, then click Campaigns.
  3. Click Drafts. You’ll see the drafts table, which shows the campaign the draft was created from and the draft status.
  4. Click the draft that you want to apply to the original campaign.
  5. At the top of the page, click Apply.
  6. Select Apply changes to the original campaign. Your campaign will reflect the changes you made in your draft.
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