About Video campaigns in the new Google Ads experience

This article only applies to the new Google Ads experience. Determine which Google Ads experience you’re using.

Video campaigns are now available in the new Google Ads experience for select advertisers. Explore the streamlined design and take advantage of updated features to manage your campaigns. We're working hard to design the best video advertising experience yet, and you can make an impact by sharing your feedback with us.

This article explains the benefits of Video campaigns in the new Google Ads experience and defines which features are available so far.


  • Simpler, more intuitive workflows help you accomplish tasks quickly.
  • Relevant business insights are easier to uncover.
  • Video campaign creation and management that's simpler than ever.
  • Goal-based campaigns designed to ease decision-making with recommended settings and features to help your campaigns succeed.
  • The same Google Ads performance you're used to, so your campaigns continue to run the same way you're familiar with.
  • It's easy to switch back to the previous version of Google Ads if you need to.

Create a new Video campaign

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button , then select New campaign
  4. For "Campaign type," select Video.
  5. Set your campaign settings.
  6. Create an ad group and a video ad. You can also skip these steps and complete them later.
  7. Click Save and continue.

Available features

 These are the key features currently available for Video campaigns in the new Google Ads. We’ll update this page as new features are added. For a full list, see about the new Google Ads experience.

Available features


(This is your account's home base, available exclusively in the new Google Ads, where you'll find Google-generated performance insights.)

Campaign creation and management
Video ad creation and management
TrueView ads (in-stream and video discovery ads) and bumper ads
Outstream ads
Companion banners
Location targeting
Ad scheduling
Demographic, placement, keyword, and topic targeting
Audience targeting, including video remarketing and custom affinity audiences
Creation and management of remarketing lists in the audience manager
Campaign, ad group, and video ad analytics
Content exclusion settings
Change history
Report downloads (most features available)


Here are the primary features that aren't available yet for Video campaigns in the new Google Ads. Stay tuned.

Not yet available
Device targeting
Advanced editing, for example: automated rules, bulk uploads, scripts
Shared library (some features available)
Manager accounts
Account linking


What’s different

Audiences: Unifying interests and remarketing

We’ve made improvements to streamline targeting workflows across campaign types. Interest targeting and remarketing features are now unified in one place, under “Audiences.” The new “Audiences” page in the new Google Ads experience includes:

  • Affinity audiences and in-market audiences (located under the “Interests” tab in the previous AdWords experience)
  • Custom affinity audiences, which now can be created directly within your video campaigns with an updated custom affinity builder
  • Remarketing and similar audiences (located under the “Remarketing” tab in the previous AdWords experience)

Audience manager

In the new audience manager, you'll be able to see the sources available for your Google Ads tag-based remarketing lists and YouTube remarketing lists. We’ll help you setup and troubleshoot your audience data sources using activity metrics. You can create and manage remarketing lists in this new centralized place for audience targeting.

In the audience lists table, you can sort, group, and filter your lists. You can see details like which lists are currently being used and when they were created. This helps you get a better idea of your remarketing list statuses at a glance.


Send us feedback

We want to hear about what's working for you in the new Google Ads and what could be improved. To share your thoughts, click the help icon in the upper right-hand side of your account, then click Leave feedback.

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