Use call extensions

To show your phone number with your ads, create call extensions. When your call extensions show, people can tap or click a button to call your business directly, or they can tap or click your ad to go to your website. All in all, call extensions give you more chances to get and track valuable conversions.

Before you begin

This is an instructional article about call extensions. Before you get started, you may want to read About call extensions. If you’re adding many call extensions, you may choose to follow the instructions in Add and edit call extensions in bulk.

Keep in mind

If you create call extensions at different levels (account, campaign, or ad group), the most specific will be used. So when you add call extensions to an ad group, those extensions show instead of your campaign- or account-level call extensions. Likewise, campaign-level extensions override account-level extensions.

Location targeting

For the best mix of local targeting and broader reach, you may also want to use location extensions. When you use both location extensions and call extensions, ads that feature specific business locations may direct calls to the phone numbers that are associated with those locations rather than the phone numbers set with your call extensions. You can then gather call reporting data on your location extension ads and call extension ads to see which extension type is performing better. Learn more about location extensions.


How to create call extensions 

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Ads & extensions in the page menu.
  3. Click Extensions then click the plus  icon.
  4. Select Call extensions from a list of choices. The “Add call extension” view then appears.
  5. Select whether you want to add the call extension to your Account, Campaign, or Ad group.
  6. Select Create new to make a new call extension, or  Use existing if you’ve previously created a call extension.
    • If you’re creating a new extension, enter your phone number.
    • If you choose to use an existing extension, select your number from a list that appears.

Optional settings

  • Select if you want to enable call reporting (recommended). 
  • Choose if you want to count conversions (recommended). Google Ads automatically creates a default call conversion type  called “Calls from ads” (and “Calls from AdWords Express ads” if you’re using a Google Ads account). You can create your own custom conversion type by selecting Manage conversions from the drop down menu. (Learn more about phone call conversion tracking). 
  • Under “Device preference,” choose Mobile if you’d like to optimize your call extension for mobile devices (though it will still appear on desktops and tablets).
  • Under Advanced options, choose if you’d like to schedule your call extension to show only on certain days and hours—for example, only when your business is answering phone calls.
For upgraded call extensions, device preferences, start date, and end date are being deprecated to allow for new features. Learn more about the Extensions upgrade.

How to view the performance of your call extensions

After you add phone numbers to your ad, you’ll want to see how they’re working for your business. Learn how to Analyze your call reporting data.

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