Beyond last-click attribution

Evolve your approach to attribution as measurement gets better


There’s an old saying in attribution: all models are wrong, but some are useful. Hopefully by now you realize exactly how useful attribution in Google Ads is today. And hopefully you’ll also keep an open mind and be ready to adapt as things evolve.

Apply lessons from attribution in Google Ads to other marketing channels

What you learn in the Google Ads-only view discussed in this guide should be combined with insights from other cross-channel measurement tools like Google Analytics. If you identify where certain keywords and types of messaging are most likely to reach new users, you can improve your messaging and valuation in other marketing channels. Search is one piece of the puzzle, and you can apply what you learn about it to other parts of your marketing efforts.

There’s currently no such thing as a perfect attribution model. Be prepared to update your approach to attribution as more data becomes available. We’re hard at work on attributing beyond search—across channels like YouTube and the Google Display Network. 


Updating your approach to attribution can be one of the most impactful optimizations you can make to your account. The key is approaching it with an open mind. If you pick the right model and set the right bids against it, you can get more clicks that influence customers on their journey. Ultimately, the idea is to drive a higher volume of profitable conversions.

Attribution across every single customer engagement is currently impossible. What is possible, though, is knowing your customer journey across Search ads in Google Ads and creating a strategy to take more and more users on a great trip of their own.


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