Check the approval status of an ad

After you’ve created an ad, you can check whether it’s been reviewed or not in the “Status” column.

This article explains how to check that status and what each status means.


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To check the status of an ad:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Ads & extensions from the page menu to see a list of your ads.
  3. To check an ad’s status, look in the “Status” column. If you hover over each ad’s status, you’ll see a more detailed explanation of what the status means.

To see more detailed policy information (or to check the status of a paused ad), enable the "Policy details" in the table. 

  1. Visit the Ads page in your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the column icon Columns above the statistics table, then click Modify columns.
  3. In the "Attributes" section, tick the box next to "Policy details".
  4. Click Apply.

The Policy details column provides information about why a disapproved ad wasn't approved, or why an "approved (limited)" ad is limited to a certain audience.

What each status means

You’ll see a status both before your ad is approved and after it’s been reviewed.

Before review, your ad will have one of these statuses:

  • Eligible: The ad is still being reviewed. Note, however:
    • If you see this status for asset-based ads (for example, responsive ads or app campaign ads), it means that some combination of your assets have been approved and may be running.
    • If you see this status for Video ads, it means the video has been reviewed for and approved to run in some contexts.
  • Under review: The ad is still being reviewed and can't show until it's been approved. 

After review, your ad can run if it has one of these statuses:

After review, your extension can run if it has one of these statuses:

  • Approved: The extension complies with the Google Ads policies, so it can be shown to all audiences.
  • Approved (limited): The extension can run, but not in all situations because of policy restrictions such as trademark use or gambling-related content.

After review, your ad can't run if it has one these statuses:

  • Disapproved: The ad cannot run because its content or its destination violates Google Ads policy.

Not related to ad approval, your ad might have another status such as Paused, Ended or Pending. 


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