About automated bidding for Shopping campaigns

This article covers Standard Shopping campaigns. To get the best of Google Ads' AI and serve ads on all Google properties, you can try Performance Max campaigns instead.

Automated bid strategies for Shopping help you optimize your advertising spend. Using advanced AI, they monitor your campaign’s performance and set a bid in every auction to help you achieve your goals.

This article explains the different automated bid strategies that are available for Shopping campaigns and how to choose the right one for you.


  • You can focus on high level goals and allow Smart Bidding to set the right bid for you. Whether you're trying to drive more visitors to your site or more revenue to your business, automated bidding allows you to start concentrating on overall performance of the campaign and less on how to set the perfect bid for each product group.
  • Your campaign's historical performance and future goals are always taken into account. Just enter the performance goals to meet, and the automated bid strategy responds in real-time, accounting for your campaign's past clicks or conversion data.


You want to maximize your sales for the Shoes category, and you're willing to spend US$1 for every US$5 of sales. First, you set up conversion tracking to report one conversion for every purchase where the value is the purchase amount. Then, you set up an automated bid strategy on the campaign for Shoes. The automated bid strategy you choose is Target return on ad spend (ROAS), and you set the target value to 500%. Now, you don't have to guess at how to bid to optimize your performance. The bid strategy will bid for you in every auction by taking into account how each of your products performs to help you meet your target.


You want to maximize the number of clicks to the product pages on your website, and you've set an average daily budget of US$50. So, you set up an automated bid strategy on your campaign. The automated bid strategy you choose is Maximize Clicks, and you set your budget to US$50. Now, the bid strategy will bid for you to help you get the maximum number of clicks for your budget.

Types of automated bid strategies for Shopping campaigns

Goal Automated bid strategy Where to apply it

Get the most clicks for your budget.

Increase site visits.

Increase clicks on low-traffic products while keeping within a certain spend.

Available only for standard Shopping campaigns.

Maximize Clickssets bids that help you get as many clicks as possible within a target spend amount that you choose.

Does not require conversions.

Learn how to set up Maximize Clicks for Shopping campaigns.

Campaigns, ad groups

Get the most conversions or conversion value while meeting a Target return on ad spend (ROAS). Your Target ROAS represents how much revenue you want to earn for each dollar you spend on Google Ads.

Target return on ad spend (ROAS) sets your bids to maximize your conversion value, while reaching an average return on ad spend that you choose.

Requires conversions.

Learn how to set up Target ROAS for Shoppings campaigns.

Campaigns, ad groups

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