Create effective Search ads

Set up your ads for success

There are several steps you can take to give your ads the best possible chance at success. This Search ads setup guide walks through those steps.

Implement all ad extensions that make sense for your business, trying for at least three

Ad extensions make your ads more prominent and appealing for users, and they’re all designed to complement your Search ads. Many ad extensions, such as location extensions, call extensions, and app install extensions help improve the experience for consumers on mobile.

Multiple extensions can show with your ads, so enable everything that makes sense for your business. Ads with multiple extensions often perform better than ads with only one extension. Identify which extensions work for your business and implement them. The best combination of these extensions is automatically determined on an auction-by-auction basis. Try to enable at least three extensions when possible - the more extension combinations you have available at each auction, the better chance you have at success.

Extensions that repeat what you already say in your ad text won’t serve. In order to prevent that, ensure that your extensions have fresh, differentiated content. You should also feel free to add additional extensions when possible, such as with callouts and sitelinks. That way you won’t need to worry about whether those extensions duplicate existing ads, as the system will try to de-duplicate content on your behalf and cycle in extensions that offer something new to users.

Aside from that, check out our best practices for managing ad extensions.

Use keyword insertion and ad customizers if you have a lot of ads to maintain

As you create new ads, you can also create a system that makes future maintenance of those ads as streamlined as possible.

Keyword insertion is a Google Ads feature that dynamically updates your ad text to include one of your keywords when it matches a user’s search. Keyword insertion is best used with tightly-themed ad groups, where all keywords are perfectly relevant to the ad. Take care that your dynamic insertions don’t cause grammatical errors, like mixing plural phrasing with a singular keyword.


The ad will include your matched keyword and not the original query that triggered the ad.

Ad customizers let you tailor your ads to a user’s search, making things more compelling. The countdown feature lets your ads dynamically create a genuine sense of urgency. Location customizers let a user know that you offer what they want nearby. In those and many other ways you can make tailored ads that scale across your entire account.

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