About dynamic sitelink extensions

Starting mid-March 2022, we're making updates to help you engage more potential customers and make ad extensions easier to manage.

Engage more people with automated extensions:

  • Dynamic sitelink extensions may now show with manually created sitelink extensions when predicted to improve performance.
  • Reporting for individual dynamic sitelink extensions will now be available.
  • You will be able to control which sitelink extensions (manually created or dynamic) are served by pausing or removing individual sitelink extensions.

Learn more about these changes to extensions

Dynamic sitelinks are an automatic extension format that allows people searching on Google to connect right from your ad to what they want to know or buy from your site. They add high-quality, relevant sitelinks to your text or video ads.

Note: For video ads, dynamic sitelinks only work in video campaigns that use the 'Sales', 'Leads' or 'Website traffic' goals.


Dynamic sitelinks can boost your advertising impact and value. Here’s how:

  • They connect people to what they’re looking for on your site. They link directly to conversion-focused sections or pages of your website that promote user action.
  • They're automatic. There's no need to create a new text ad or video ad, or set up a new sitelink.

Also, after you've opted in to dynamic sitelinks, Google Ads can automatically provide descriptions for your existing sitelinks.

Increase your ad coverage: Complement your ads with links to specific sections of your website. There's no set-up involved.

Tip: Providing 6 sitelinks has shown to maximize performance and dynamic sitelinks can help you achieve this more easily.

How they work

When someone searches on Google for a particular term, dynamic sitelinks may show them several relevant deep links with your text ad or video ad. Dynamic sitelinks have the same format as manual sitelinks, the sitelinks that advertisers set up themselves. If available and if the extension is applicable for the ad, manual sitelinks will always show instead of dynamic sitelinks.

You won't be charged when dynamic sitelinks show. You’ll only be charged when people click through to your site. Learn more about extensions and your actual cost per click

Dynamic sitelinks only show when they’re expected to boost your ad’s performance. However you can opt out of showing dynamic sitelinks with your ad. Learn how to remove extensions

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