About Brand Lift surveys

If you’ve seen short online questionnaires on YouTube, then you’ve most likely seen Brand Lift surveys. By asking you to take brief surveys about products or services you’re familiar with, advertisers can better understand the impact of their ads on consumers.

Where do my survey responses go?

Your answers are anonymous and not connected to your personally identifiable information. When the survey is complete, Google will share only anonymous, aggregated answers with those who created the survey. This means you will not be personally identified or associated with your answers to the surveys. For more information see the Google Privacy Policy.

Reporting an abuse of our services

If you see survey content that you believe violates our Programme Policies, please help us keep our surveys compliant by contacting the YouTube and Google Ads for video team.

When filling out the form, please provide detailed information about the survey question. We’ll remove the question only if it violates our Programme Policies. However, we’re not able to provide notification upon review of the content you reported.

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