About recommendations

Get more out of Google Ads with recommendations – an entire section dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns.

Each recommendation provides customised suggestions to help increase your campaigns' performance. Recommendations can introduce you to new, relevant features, help you get more out of your budget by improving your bidding, keywords and ads, and can work to increase the overall performance and efficiency of your campaigns.

This article explains the basics of how recommendations work. To start using recommendations and learn more about available recommendations, read Improve your account with types of recommendations.

How recommendations work

The Recommendations page looks at your account's performance history, your campaign settings and trends across Google to automatically generate recommendations that could improve your performance. Learn more about types of recommendations.

You might not see any recommendations if your ads recently started running, but make sure that you check again soon – Google Ads regularly discovers recommendations for you and also launches new recommendation types.

What the Recommendations page helps you do

If you have an account history to work with, the Recommendations page can help you:

  • See performance estimates based on historical data: While the Recommendations page doesn't predict whether your ads will do well, it does tap into a lot of data from the past, like your campaign performance and what people search for on Google, to give you an idea of how each recommendation might improve your performance.
  • Make improvements without spending a lot of time: The Recommendations page looks for suggestions for you, so that you can focus on making decisions instead of conducting research.
  • Keep your campaigns fresh: Have you been using the same keywords for a while? When's the last time you changed your bidding? The Recommendations page can help you keep your account fresh.
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