About ad delivery

Your ad delivery method can determine how long your budget lasts.

If your budget is limited, choose a “standard” or “accelerated” ad delivery method to determine the pace you want your ads to show throughout the day. This article outlines the two types of ad delivery methods and when you may want to use them.

Ad delivery and your average daily budget

When you create a campaign, you set an average daily budget. This determines how much, on average, you'd like to spend each day for this campaign (it's possible that you'll be charged less, or sometimes up to twice as much as your average daily budget amount on a given day).

For most advertisers, budget is used whenever a potential customer clicks your ad. The more often your ad is clicked, the faster you'll use up your average daily budget. Your campaign’s ad delivery method determines how how fast your budget is used and how long your budget lasts during a given day.

Your ad delivery method is relevant if your campaign is limited by budget since it allows you to decide how quickly you want your budget to be spent. If your campaign isn’t limited by budget, the ad delivery method won’t be useful since your budget is high enough to enable your ads to serve throughout the entire day.

Choose "Standard" or "Accelerated" ad delivery

You have two options for ad delivery methods: “Standard” (the default setting for all campaigns, and optimizes your budget by spending it throughout the day) or “Accelerated” (which is not recommended for most advertisers).

"Standard" delivery (default option)

  • How it works:  Google optimizes your spend to be more reflective of targeted inventory (user searches for your product/service). Your budget is distributed across the entire day to avoid exhausting your budget early. Distribution occurs over the hours your ads are scheduled to show.
  • Why use it: Recommended for most advertisers, this delivery method is useful if you want to reach customers evenly throughout the day. If you have a small budget, this method can also help you avoid spending most of your budget in the morning.
  • What to expect: Since your ad delivery occurs throughout the day, you might not see your ad appear every time you look for it, particularly if your campaign is limited by budget.


Remember, to see your ad in context, it's better to use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool than to search for it on Google.

"Accelerated" delivery (not recommended for most advertisers)

  • How it works: Accelerated delivery is optimized less when compared to standard delivery. It spends your budget more rapidly throughout the day. Accelerated delivery isn’t recommended for most advertisers. So if your campaign is limited by budget, your campaign may exhaust most of the budget in the early hours of the day, which may not be reflective of when most users are looking for your product/service. 
  • Why use it: Though not recommended for most advertisers, you can use this method if it's important to you that your ads are shown more in the early hours as compared to later in the evening, even if that means they might not show throughout the entire day.
  • What to expect: If your campaign is limited by budget, your ads will stop showing once you've reached the average daily budget allocated for that day. If you reach your budget limit early in the morning, your ad won't run again until the next day, so you might not see your ad appear every time you look for it, particularly at night.

Keep in mind

  • Accelerated delivery does not increase your spend. If you are unable to spend your daily budget, consider using keyword expansion or increasing bids rather than switching to accelerated budget delivery. Accelerated delivery has no impact on your campaign when your campaign is not limited by budget on most days.  
  • Accelerated delivery may lead to a higher cost-per-click (CPC) as your ads are shown more frequently during the early hours of the day, which can result in more competitive prices. Standard delivery’s optimal distribution may lead to lower CPCs as compared to accelerated delivery. If your account is never limited by budget, then the setting will have no impact on performance.
  • Accelerated delivery may result in your ads showing to a specific region or demographic. For example, your ads are more likely to be shown to people in earlier time zones. If you’re targeting the United States, your ads are more likely to be shown to people on the east coast than people on the west coast, due to the time difference. 
  • Accelerated delivery usually  does not increase the number of clicks received for a campaign.
  • Overall, accelerated ad delivery may lower ROI if you are limited by budget.
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