Overdelivery: Definition

Overdelivery refers to a situation in which Google may increase your ad spend in order to show your ads to more people (for example, on a day where traffic to your ads is slow). In this situation, Google may increase our campaign spend up to, but not above, 2 times your average daily budget.

  • Daily spend limits: Overdelivery can help make up for days when traffic is slow and your ads don't get as much exposure. To make sure that you don't miss showing your ads on a popular day, Google might use more of your budget on some days and less on other days. When this happens, you won’t be charged more than 2 times your average daily budget (provided you don’t make any changes to your budget or pause your campaigns). This applies to all campaign types except for Smart campaigns, Hotel campaigns, and campaigns that use pay for conversions. For Smart Campaigns and Hotel campaigns, your daily cost could be up to 4 times your daily budget. If you are paying for conversions, your daily cost could exceed your overdelivery threshold (this applies to all campaign types that pay for conversions).
  • Monthly charging limits: Our system makes sure that after an entire month of service, you're never charged more than your monthly charging limit—the average number of days in a month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget.

Note: The above relates to average daily budget on Google Ads. If you're using Display & Video 360, learn more about flight budgets.

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