Waiting for your balance to update after a payment

The time that it takes to see your payment reflected in your Google Ads account depends on how you pay your bill. Here's what you can expect:

  • Cheque. It can take up to five working days after we've received your cheque to update your Google Ads balance. If you post your payment internationally, it can take longer.
  • Bank transfer. It can take up to five working days after initiating the transfer to update your Google Ads account balance.

Find out where you can find your payments once they've been posted in your Google Ads account, and find tips on how to make successful payments.


Where you can see your payment

Once we've processed your payment, you'll see it reflected in these places after you click the gear icon and choose Billing & payments:

  • Summary – In the "Amount due" section, look for "Your last payment was on" to find the date and amount of your most recently processed payment.
  • Invoices – You'll see the "Amount paid" and "Balance" columns updated on the table here when a payment has been applied to one or more invoices.
  • Transactions – Payments appear as line items in your monthly tables. Choose "Summary view" to quickly separate payments from costs.
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  • If you don't see your account balance update within the typical timeframe for your payment type, contact your local Google Ads collections team at collections@google.com.
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