About email notifications

You'll receive email notifications when there’s critical information that you should review about your Google Ads account. You can also choose to receive other types of notifications via email.

This article explains how email notifications work. Learn more about how to Change your email notification preferences.

If you want to learn more about notifications you receive directly in your account, check About in-account notifications.

How it works

Email notifications are sent to users with access to the Google Ads account.

Here are the different types of email notifications:

  • Performance reporting
  • Newsletter
  • Google market research
  • Customized help and performance suggestions
  • Special offers
  • Campaign maintenance
  • Disapproved ads and policy alerts
  • Reports
  • Billing alerts

For each notification type, you can choose different email settings.

  • For the first 5 types of email notifications (Performance reporting, Newsletter, Google market research, Customized help and performance suggestions, and Special offers): You can choose to receive all emails or opt out altogether.
  • For Campaign maintenance and Disapproved ads and policy alerts: If you’re the only user on a Google Ads account, you must choose to receive either all notifications or only critical notifications. If there are multiple users on the Google Ads account, at least one user must choose to receive either all or only critical notifications. All other users can choose to receive all, only critical, or no notifications.
    • Note: There can be an exception if your account is linked to a manager account. In that case, you can choose to have no users receiving critical notifications. Instead, the linked manager account will automatically receive critical notifications on behalf of your account.
  • For Reports: You can choose to receive all available reports, or only reports that you create.
  • For Billing alerts: You can make changes by going to the Settings page under Billing Billing Icon.

All users on a Google Ads account can choose their own settings.


If you grant users email-only access, they’ll be able to receive email notifications about your Google Ads account without being able to login to your Google Ads account. Learn more About access levels in your Google Ads Account.

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