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How to get the most out of your Demand Gen campaigns.

Best Practices logoDemand Gen allows you to find and convert consumers with immersive, relevant, and visual creatives that grab attention and drive conversions in the right moment.

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  • Use Image & Video Together to tell a cohesive story using the medium that most resonates with your audience.
    • Prioritize assets that perform across inventory: Think mobile-first when selecting assets, and use high-performing creatives from other campaigns and audiences to fuel performance. 
    • Tell your brand’s story with creative made for the platform: For video, use ABCD (Audience, Branding, Connection, Direction) creative guidance, and repeat the CTA and ensure it’s echoed in the voiceover and overlaid graphics.

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  • Create a Core Audience Profile - Use your data to tell Demand Gen about your current customers, and pair it with Google’s signals to find new customers.
    • Start with Customer Match & Remarketing: Use your first party data with Customer Match to reconnect with previously engaged customers, or reach segments of your existing customers to deliver a tailored message at the moment of relevance.
    • Add custom segments and search terms: Customize your audience based on relevant search terms that your customers are using on Google platforms. Use at least 10-15 of the highest converting search keywords to curate your custom segment.
    • Use Optimized Targeting (OT): If your campaign goals are driving towards conversions, OT will enhance your campaign performance. 
  • Use Lookalike Segments to Find Similar Users
    • Use Google’s AI to amplify your first party data: Upload your customer list and find valuable new users who have potential based on what is similar to your existing customers. 
    • Separate high-value and low-value customers: Create unique Lookalike segments based on users with similar interactions with your business.
Lookalike segments are an exclusive Demand Gen feature, and can be saved and reused across all of your Demand Gen campaigns.


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Conversion Health

  • Enable Sitewide Tagging to improve your conversion tracking accuracy and access features that prevent conversion loss with a unified tag.
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking to improve your conversion tracking accuracy and access features that prevent conversion loss with a unified tag, like enhanced conversions and cross-account conversion tracking
  • Optimize for Your Bidding Strategy to improve your efficiency by choosing the right bidding strategy for your campaign’s conversion goals.
Maximize Clicks Bidding: For advertisers who can’t track conversions on the other side of the click, using Maximize Clicks is a great strategy to get value and allows you to skip selecting a conversion action.

More on the foundations for durable ads performance


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Campaign Structure

  • Set Up Consolidated Campaigns to maximize performance in machine learning models like Demand Gen that learn best from large data sets. 
    • Create a single campaign for your business: Unless you have different marketing objectives, ROI targets, or bid strategies—it’s best to use a single campaign for your business. 
    • Combine audience themes in one ad group: Include similar audience themes in the same ad group (ex: combine ‘baseball’ + ‘football’ as ‘sports’)—our model learns at the ad group level, so consolidation improves performance. 
    • Size ad groups based on conversion volume: Start with the ad group size that allows you to get at least 50 conversions in the first 30 days to perform best. If you are not getting that volume, you should further consolidate. To aid with consolidation, consider merging ad groups with fewer than ~30 conversions in 30 days.
  • Use Product Feeds 
    • Turn your ad into a virtual storefront that helps consumers discover your brand and product. If you’re a retailer selling products through a website, in a physical store, or both, use Merchant Center—a free tool that helps millions of shoppers on Google discover, explore, and buy your products. You can upload and manage your product feeds so that your products appear in Demand Gen and other Google campaign types.
  • For more info and FAQs, visit the Feed Policy Help Center Article.


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Bidding Strategy

  • Choose the Bidding Strategy for Your Goals
    • Campaign Goal: Conversions - Maximize Conversions is the recommended strategy. If you have a specific ROI to follow, use tCPA as an alternative. 
    • Campaign Goal: Multiple Conversions / Conversion Value  - Maximize Conversion Value is the recommended strategy. If you have a specific ROI to follow, use tROAS as an alternative. 
    • Campaign Goal: Clicks / Website Traffic / Consideration - Maximize Clicks is the recommended strategy. 
      • Note that if you have a specific type of website traffic (e.g. those who interact with a product, spend X mins on a page) in mind, Maximize Conversions would be a better fit.
  • Use the Bid Strategy Report to help assess the performance of your bidding over time.
    • This includes your bid strategy status and key performance metrics such as clicks, impressions, CTR, cost, conversions, etc. You can also add customized metrics based on preference.


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Budget Setting

  • Set Sufficient Budgets - Supporting a campaign with enough budget from Day 1 to win in your customers’ auction is critical to driving sustained performance.

    Bidding Strategy

    Daily Budget

    Conversion Bidding

    Maximize Conversions

    We recommend at least $100 per day per campaign.


    We recommend at least $100 per day per campaign, or 20x your tCPA—whichever is higher.

    Value Bidding

    Maximize Conversion Value

    We recommend at least $100 per day per campaign.


    We recommend at least $100 per day per campaign, or 20x your (expected average conversion value / tROAS)—whichever is higher.

    Click Bidding

    Maximize Clicks

    No minimum requirement.


    Campaigns and ad groups with more than 50 conversions perform better, so optimize your budgets to maximize conversion volume.

    Meet Demand Gen: A new campaign that drives action on YouTube and Google's most immersive surfaces



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