About URL exclusion in Performance Max

If you have pages that you need to exclude from sending traffic to, you can use URL exclusion or URL parameter rules. For example, if you don't want customers to be directed to non-commercial pages or sections of your website, you can exclude those pages using URL exclusions.

Note: Your campaign’s Final URL can’t be excluded from your Performance Max campaign using URL expansion exclusions. It will still be served and receive traffic if excluded. For example, if your campaign’s Final URL is www.example.com and you exclude www.example.com from URL expansion, www.example.com will still be served and receive traffic for your campaign.

If you wish to exclude your homepage from serving, you can choose a more specific landing page, such as www.example.com/page and then exclude your homepage (www.example.com).

Exclude URLs

If you have specific URLs that you don’t want to include in your Performance Max campaign, you can enter these URLs individually and they won’t be served in ads (for example, your careers page).

Exclusion rules

If you have specific URLs or entire categories of your site that you don't want to present in your ads (for example, if you're discontinuing a brand and no longer want to advertise its products), you can create a rule that includes www.domain.com/brand and excludes www.domain.com/brand/product1, www.domain.com/brand/product2, or any other pages you don't wish to be served in ads.

Instructions to exclude URLs

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Campaigns icon Campaigns Icon.
  2. Click the Campaigns drop down in the section menu.
  3. Click Campaigns.
  4. Find the row with the Performance Max campaign you'd like to edit, then click the gear icon Admin Icon to open "Settings".
  5. Expand the "Automatically created assets" section.
  6. Select Exclude some URLs.
    • From this point, you can add URLs to exclude or use “Rules” to exclude URLs:
      • To exclude URLs: List the URLs that you want to exclude, then click Add.
      • To use custom labels: Add the custom label from your page feed, then click Add.
      • To use Rules: Click the "Rules" tab to add the custom rules you want to apply, then click Add.
  7. Click Save.

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