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September 20, 2023

The digital marketing landscape is changing, with AI-powered tools helping advertisers adapt to shifting consumer behaviors and drive better results. Earlier this year, we announced our plans for automatically created assets and the conversational experience in Google Ads to help marketers connect with more customers efficiently. Today, we’re excited to share updates on those tools and their availability.

Deliver more relevant Search ads with automatically created assets

Automatically created assets is a campaign-level setting that helps you show more relevant Search ads by creating tailored headlines and descriptions based on your ad's context—including your landing page and existing ads. Once enabled, it can improve the Ad Strength of your responsive search ads and show new assets alongside assets you’ve already provided. If there are any automatically created assets you’d prefer to stop using, you can remove them from your ads.

Previously, automatically created assets were only available for advertisers running campaigns in English. Today, they’re available for 7 additional languages:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

In the coming months, for advertisers with English assets in the US and UK, automatically created assets will start using generative AI to help advertisers create even more assets and make them better tailored to people’s search queries.

Gif showing how to set up automatically created assets
Opt into automatically created assets to deliver more relevant Search ads

To get started with automatically created assets, you can opt in from your campaigns’ settings or look for the “Enable automatically created assets” recommendation in the Recommendations page.

Build better Search campaigns with the conversational experience in Google Ads

Powered by the latest breakthroughs in large language models, the conversational experience in Google Ads helps you build Search campaigns that drive better performance with less effort. All you need is your website URL, and Google AI will help you generate everything your campaign needs—from keywords to headlines and images. With each session, you can interact with the AI to modify suggestions and approve them before deploying the campaign.

Over the last few months, we’ve been testing the conversational experience with a small group of advertisers and have heard how it has helped them save time and inspire new ideas when creating campaigns. Based on this feedback, we’re making improvements to the conversational experience and will move to beta testing for English language in the US and UK in the coming months.

Screenshot of the conversational experience in the Google Ads UI
Have a natural language conversation with Google Ads to help you create keywords and assets that drive better Search campaign performance

For best practices on creating responsive search ads, check out our helpful guide.

Posted by Max Hagler & Sunny Atluri, Product Managers, Google Ads

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