Google Marketing Live 2023: Activate new features in Display & Video 360

May 23, 2023

As consumer expectations for privacy rise, businesses have to find solutions to reach new customers and connect with existing ones in more effective and privacy-preserving ways. Display & Video 360 is a platform that enables you to do that through programmatic buying. At Google Marketing Live 2023, we shared new ways to connect with valuable customers and understand how connected TV campaigns are driving results.


Reach new converting audiences with optimized targeting in Display & Video 360. Amidst privacy shifts, AI-powered audience solutions help you continue finding new, relevant customers without relying on third-party cookies. That’s why we’ve launched optimized targeting, which uses AI signals to help you engage with new audiences that are likely to convert. Advertisers who use optimized targeting on Google Display ads see, on average, a 50% increase in conversions at a comparable ROI.1 And advertisers who use optimized targeting with first-party audiences on Display & Video 360 can see, on average, a 55% improvement.2 


Engage your first-party audience in Display & Video 360. Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) is now more widely available to advertisers and publishers in Display & Video 360, and very soon will offer more flexibility to use third-party data clean rooms. Using privacy-safe technology, advertisers and publishers can reconcile first-party data for audiences who have visited both an advertiser’s and a publisher’s site. As a result, advertisers can better connect with their known audiences through Display & Video 360, while avoiding tracking individuals across the web. This helps advertisers show relevant ads to some of their highest-intent audiences and improve performance, while meeting people’s privacy expectations.


Get more insights from connected TV (CTV) measurement. The new Digital & TV Report in Display & Video 360 allows you to measure the overall reach and efficiency of your CTV campaigns alongside your traditional TV buys. Use these important insights to better inform your future media investments. Cross-device conversion measurement is also coming soon for CTV campaigns so you can get a clearer idea of what people do after seeing your ads on a smart TV device. For example, did they pick up their mobile phone and purchase the item they saw in your CTV ad? Together, these new reporting features will give you a more complete picture of how connected TV campaigns are hitting your marketing objectives across the funnel. Eligible customers in the US can join the beta today and we’ll be launching to general availability later this year. 


Register and watch the TL;DR videos for Measurement & Privacy to get more news on Google's audience and measurement innovations, and how they can drive results in a changing landscape.


Posted by The Google Marketing Live Team



1. Source: Google Data, Global, Oct. 27, 2022–Nov. 8, 2022
2. Source: Google Data, Global, 9/8/22 - 9/15/22

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