Set a different final URL optimized for mobile customers

When an ad is clicked while using a mobile device, the landing page doesn’t always render the best user experience. To ensure that your video ads redirect to a landing page that is optimized for mobile devices, you can now set a final mobile URL.

Final mobile URL is a field in the Ad URL settings that enables ads to be redirected to a mobile-friendly website. It’s enabled only in Google Ads Editor as a standard ad field. In campaign construction, you can enable this feature by ticking the designated checkbox beneath the custom parameters section.

Before you begin

Here are a few things to consider before using final URLs:

  • The domain for mobile URL should be the same as the final URL and final mobile URL.
  • This feature is already available in the following campaign types:
    • Search
    • Display
    • Performance Max
  • It’s available for all campaign subtypes where the final URL exists.
  • In-feed campaigns don’t support final URL or final mobile URL.
  • The final mobile URL can’t be set with Google Ads API for video campaigns.
  • TV viewers will be redirected to a mobile-friendly website when the ad is opened through a mobile phone, if a mobile URL was set.
  • You can test the final mobile URL you have set with live previews on mobile devices.
  • Mobile URL is usually confused with the concept of deep linking. Deep links directly lead to relevant pages in mobile apps where customers can complete desired actions. Learn more About deep links.

How it works

Ad viewers using desktop or tablets

Whether the final mobile URL is or isn’t set, ad viewers using desktop or tablets who click on the ad link will be redirected to the normal final URL.

Ad viewers using mobile

As for ad viewers who are using mobile devices, when the final mobile URL is set, the link will redirect them to the website designed for mobile users. When the final mobile URL isn’t set, they will be redirected to the website that may or may not be mobile-friendly and responsive.

If the ad is displayed and clicked on TV, the final mobile URL will be served on the TV.

Note: YouTube considers both iOS and Android as mobile, so if YouTube is opened through either app or browser and an ad is clicked, they’re redirected to the mobile URL.

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