Power More Conversions and Value through Cross-Channel Bid Optimization

How cross-channel optimization is the next frontier of automated bidding.

Table of Contents

In this guide, we'll walk through how Google Ads cross-channel bid optimization works. Learn how it can help you drive better results compared to single-channel bid optimization by maximizing marginal CPA or ROAS in each and every auction. We’ll dive into how cross-channel bidding decisions are made and how this ultimately improves budget utilisation to help you get more conversions and value from your marketing budget.


The future of bidding

Expanding from single-channel optimization to holistic cross-channel optimization

Optimize for marginal ROI instead of average ROI

How cross-channel bidding differs from portfolio bidding

Google’s unified, cross-channel advertising solutions

Working together with AI to provide it with the highest-quality inputs possible

Key takeaways


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