Shopping campaign performance fluctuations: Changes to product attributes

Check if your top performing products haven’t had any changes to them via Merchant Center feed attributes which would cause them from being excluded in the campaign.

When changing attribute values in Merchant Center you always need to consider product group targeting. Editing ID, titles, descriptions and/or unique product identifiers may also cause performance fluctuations.


  • Your product group is targeting all products with the brand “Google” - but on the Merchant Center feed, the brand attribute has been changed from “Google” to another brand name.
  • Your product is now out of stock or disapproved which would prevent it from serving

What you can do

Check for changes to your top performing products; 

  1. In Google Ads navigate to the “Reports” tab, select Predefined reports (Dimensions) and select Shopping - Item ID.
  2. Here you can filter by clicks and add additional filters if you are concerned about a specific campaign or ad group.
  3. Once you’ve identified what the top performing product is, you can check on them in the “Products” tab in Merchant Center by filtering using Item ID
  4. Check on the status of these products in Merchant Center

Your Merchant Center account

Need something else?

Check other common reasons why your campaign performance is fluctuating.

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