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Your guide to AI-powered search ads

By combining AI-powered search ads products, you can create ads that adapt to show more relevant messages to more people while meeting your ROI goals. Google uses AI to set the right bids, reach the right searches and create the most relevant ad for consumers. As a result, advertisers who improve their responsive search ads' ad strength (from 'Poor' to 'Excellent') can observe 12% more conversions on average (Source: Google Internal Data, 28/02/2023 to 01/03/2023).

AI-powered search ads help you show the most relevant ad for every user search at the right price.

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Get more value with less effort

What consumers want and how they're searching for it is constantly changing. This makes it more difficult for you to anticipate every possible search that's relevant to your business. By pairing broad match with Smart Bidding, you can use auction-time signals to set the right bid for each query. This alleviates the need to anticipate and manage every potential search.

Example: Let's say that you manage an Italian restaurant in Southampton. Broad match can help you find a variety of interested people – from a couple searching 'places to eat tonight' on their phones nearby, to a family searching 'family-friendly restaurants in Southampton', to a traveller searching 'best risotto in the south' on their laptop in their hotel. While any of these users could visit your restaurant, the optimal bid to reach them will vary. Manually adjusting the bid on individual keywords for each user is extremely difficult and would lead to missed conversions.

Taking this a step further, it would be impractical to create thousands of creatives for every possible search provided by broad match. Creative use of Google AI works with broad match because the system needs flexibility to optimise the right creative variant to each query. By entering multiple headlines and descriptions in a responsive search ad, Google Ads can learn which combinations perform best across all of the traffic provided by broad match.

Case study

By embracing AI-powered search ads, was able to increase signups with their generic campaigns by 182% and clicks by 258%. Check out how an automation-first approach using search ads with a combination of broad match, Smart Bidding and responsive search ads has helped the brand stay relevant and connect with new customers in Germany.

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Optimise bids with Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding evaluates billions of combinations of signals to set the right bid for every search query and auction based on your ROI goals. In particular, value-based bid strategies like Maximise conversion value can help you capture the customers that matter most (and generate the most monetary value) for your business. Learn how Smart Bidding can help you reach the right person for the right price by optimising your bids in real time.


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Reach the right customers with broad match

Broad match uses the power of Google's AI to extend its reach beyond exact and phrase match by identifying related queries to reach more customers and drive better performance. Broad match works best with Smart Bidding because it ensures you only bid on searches that are expected to perform for you. Learn how broad match can help you stay on top of market trends and rapidly shifting demand by reaching all searches that are relevant to your business.


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Increase engagement with responsive search ads

Create ads that adapt to show more relevant messages to your customers. Ad strength for responsive search ads provides you with feedback to help you focus on showing the right messages to your customers. Learn how to use multiple headlines and descriptions to build and serve relevant ads for every query based on auction-time signals.



You can use built-in steering features to keep specific creatives, keyword matching and bidding strategies in place. You can use several strategies, like pinning and negative keywords, to ensure that you meet specific requirements within campaigns using Google's AI. Check out How to steer AI-powered search ads for details.

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