Optimize your landing page for your Smart campaign

Your landing page plays a big part in the success of your Smart campaign. When someone clicks on your ad, they expect to land on a page that's relevant to what they saw in your ad. If they don't immediately find what they expect, they're more likely to leave.

With Smart campaigns, your ad’s landing page can be your website or your Business Profile (optimized for your ad).

Using your website as a landing page

If you use your website as a landing page, make sure that page is optimized for your ad. Here are a few tips to set your ad up for success:

1. Include a clear call-to-action

Make sure you have a clear way for your customers to contact you, front and center on your website. This could be a phone number, a contact us form, or both.

We recommend setting up a call-to-action before you start your advertising campaign. By giving your customers a way to contact you front and center, you can avoid paying for clicks that don't result in business for you.

2. Highlight what sets you apart

If you have something special to offer, make sure your customers see it. For example, you might be offering a 10% winter discount, an instant rebate, or a free gift with purchase.

Calling attention to specific prices or promotions can help influence someone's decision to contact you. The more you can set yourself apart from competitors, the more likely you'll appeal to potential customers.

3. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Many of your customers will be visiting your website on a mobile device. On a smaller screen, it can be hard for people to find what they want.

See if the speed of your mobile site is costing you customers, and get quick fixes to improve it. Test your site.

Here are just a few ways to build an effective mobile site:

  • Keep it quick
  • Make it easy to contact you
  • Use simple navigation

4. Make sure your landing page matches your ad text and keyword themes

Choose a landing page that closely matches your ad text and keyword themes. For example, if one of your keyword themes is discount shoes and your ad text promises shoes at 20% off, then customers should be able to find and buy shoes at that discounted price on your landing page.

Your landing page should also mirror the call-to-action in your ad. For example, if your ad text encourages customers to sign up for a free tour, then you might prominently feature a sign-up form on your landing page.

Think of it this way: The connection between your ad and landing page is the bridge between a potential customer and a purchase. The stronger they're connected (the more directly relevant they are), the better your chances of a conversion.

Note: Make sure your website doesn't have a login requirement for users to access its contents, as this will prevent your ads from serving.

Using your Business Profile as a landing page

Alternatively, you can choose your Business Profile (optimized for your ad) as your landing page if you've linked your Business Profile to your Smart campaign. This will ensure that actions taken by users after clicking on your ad are tracked. Learn more about Business Profile (optimized for your ad)

Using your Business Profile is a good option if your website isn’t ready yet or if you want a simpler way to set up your landing page.

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