Selecting a Google Ads manager account to register for Google Partners

To get the most out of the Google Partners programme, we recommend registering the Google Ads manager account that best represents your business to the programme. Your company’s activity in your Google Ads manager account will be used to determine your company’s Google Partner status. Please see the recommendations below on best practices with the Ads manager account and the Google Partners programme.

  • You must have admin level access to your company’s Google Ads manager account to register your company for Google Partners. Join here.
  • Partner requirements are evaluated using the Google Ads manager account that’s chosen when registering for Google Partners. Select your company’s Google Ads manager based on which account best represents your company’s business.
  • If your company is large and multinational, please register each country or subsidiary Google Ads manager account separately so that each country or subsidiary may be eligible to earn the Google Partner badge and have access to the benefits.
  • If the registered Google Ads manager account is a sub-manager account, please note that the direct manager account won’t automatically inherit access to the Google Partners programme or its benefits. The Google Partners programme is only accessible by the Google Ads manager account that’s registered to Google Partners.
  • Have more than one admin-level user on each Google Ads manager account. This will prevent issues if an admin unexpectedly leaves your company.
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