Plan across your entire account with Performance Planner

November 30, 2021

Planning is a critical part of any marketing strategy, especially going into the holiday season. Performance Planner makes this process easy by removing guesswork and automatically estimating clicks, conversions, and conversion values for your planned campaigns. Now, you can include even more campaigns in your performance plans, better understand Performance Planner’s bid and budget recommendations, and more. 

Here are some of our latest updates:

  • Add previously ineligible campaigns to your plan by using past performance or adding manual forecasts to plan across your entire account.

Screenshot of Performance Planner with a notification that says "Some of your campaigns are unforecastable. Select a historical date range that best matches expected performance of unforecastable plan items for current plan period."

  • Understand Performance Planner recommendations at a glance with the new “Suggested changes” column. This column displays the suggested budget and bid recommendations for a specific campaign.
  • Add secondary metrics to your performance plan. This makes it easier to understand the impact on performance beyond your key metrics. For example, if you create a plan to maximize conversions, you can now also add a column that shows the changes to clicks as well. 
  • Choose a specific time range you want to use for historical conversion rate. This means that you can now use a historical conversion rate that’s closer to what you expect for the date range you’re using in your plan.

Screenshot of Performance Planner with text that says "You could get an estimated 1.5K conversions at $26.66 CPA for $40K"

Learn more about Performance Planner in the Google Ads Help Center.

Posted by Dean Chen, Product Manager, Google Ads

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