Unlock performance insights with enhanced conversions

September 30, 2021

To help you improve performance and preserve accurate, privacy-safe measurement in a world with fewer cookies, we’re rolling out enhanced conversions in beta to all eligible advertisers. 

Expand your tagging capabilities for more comprehensive conversion measurement 

Investing in first-party data with a strong tagging infrastructure can help you unlock more comprehensive reporting and better optimization. Enhanced conversions allow tags to use consented, user-provided data from your website to give you a more accurate view of how people convert after engaging with your ads. This data is hashed to ensure security and protect user privacy, and you’ll receive aggregated conversion reporting.

Let’s say you’re running ads on YouTube and a Google signed-in user views your ad, but doesn’t click on it. They then visit your website and make a purchase. Previously, this type of conversion would have been difficult to attribute to your ads. With enhanced conversions, you can better understand your customer’s journey by tying more conversions to your ads in a privacy-safe way. This in turn provides more observable data to strengthen conversion modeling, gives you the comprehensive data you need to unlock performance insights like conversion lift, and helps you better optimize campaigns, like when you use Smart Bidding.

Advertisers who have tested enhanced conversions have seen positive results. U.K.-based retailer ASOS implemented enhanced conversions across Search and YouTube to measure conversions that otherwise wouldn’t have been reported. They saw an improved return on ad spend (ROAS) with a recorded sales uplift of 8.6% in Search and 31% in YouTube.

Asos logo

”Enhanced conversions helped establish a strong measurement foundation, off of which we can better measure the impact of our YouTube buys.”
-Carolina Vicente, Media Investment Director, ASOS

Enable enhanced conversions through additional data platforms

We’re also collaborating with additional data platforms like Tealium, Twilio Segment and more to make it easier to implement enhanced conversions. If you currently process data through these services, you can enable enhanced conversions with just a few steps. Check out the Tealium integration instructions and the Segment integration instructions to learn more. Stay tuned to upcoming announcements to learn about more collaborations in the future.

Learn more about enhanced conversions in the Google Ads Help center.

Posted by Chen Xie, Product Manager, Google Ads

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