About YouTube TV ads

YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that includes live TV from 100+ broadcast, cable, and regional sports networks. With YouTube TV ads, you can deliver personalized live TV ad experiences to viewers across YouTube TV with the help of Google powered technology.


  • Tap into the YouTube generation: YouTube TV’s subscriber base and watch times continue to grow at a rapid pace. According to Nielsen SPR data, a person watching YouTube TV was 2 times more likely to be a person between 18-34 years of age than that of Broadcast and Cable TV.*
  • Connect with your audience: Reach your audience where they’re watching with your targeted ads.
  • Use Google powered technology: YouTube TV uses Google’s powerful signals to help you deliver and measure more relevant and personalized ads.

*Source: Nielsen Streaming Platform Ratings, Q1'23 Audience Comp


How it works

Google video technology with Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) powers ads on YouTube TV and enables us to insert custom targeted video ads into live and digital video recorded (DVR) content.

With DAI, we’re able to:

  • Produce a seamless TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads
  • Bring what we’ve done on YouTube for many years to the live TV experience
  • Deliver a personalized ad that’s relevant to that specific viewer in that live moment.

Google video ads that served on YouTube TV are eligible to run across cable networks.


Ad serving

Google powered technology allows you to deliver personalized ads that are relevant to your target audience across moments, devices, and formats.

Note: Google Ads campaigns that are purchased on an auction basis are eligible to serve on YouTube TV, but aren’t guaranteed. Learn more About YouTube TV eligibility. If you want to guarantee that your campaigns will serve on YouTube TV, you must buy placements on a reservation basis. Learn more About reservation: Reserved media placements on YouTube.

YouTube TV ad formats

Depending on your goal, you can use the following ad formats built for YouTube TV:

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Bumper ads

The available YouTube TV ad formats can be booked and purchased on a reservation basis through YouTube Select reserved media placement, Display and Video 360 Programmatic Guaranteed and Instant Reserve, or Google Ads Reservation, depending on the ad format. Learn more About YouTube TV ad formats.



For YouTube TV ads, you can use the same targeting strategies that you use for YouTube video ads. Learn more About YouTube TV targeting.


Availability and limitations

Currently, YouTube TV is only available in the United States and has certain limitations:

  • You can't:
    • Target specific YouTube TV channels
    • Completely opt out of serving ads on YouTube TV
    • Exclude YouTube TV programs in Google Ads campaigns


When to use YouTube TV ads

  • If you want your ads to appear in a familiar TV environment.
  • If you want to leverage Google’s advanced targeting and measurement on TV advertising.
  • If you want to show a different creative by audience and ensure your creative is always fresh, even on digital video recorded (DVR) content, thanks to Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) technology.
  • If you’re a local TV buyer looking to participate in the next generation TV experience and reach younger audiences.
  • If you’re a programmatic buyer who wants to gain media efficiencies by using frequency management across your entire YouTube buys in Display and Video 360.


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