Acquire high-value app users at scale with Target ROAS bidding

April 22, 2021

When it comes to growing your app business, optimizing towards revenue and return on investment is key. 

Starting today, if you have an Android app using Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can use Target Return on Ad Spend (“tROAS”) bidding within App campaigns for installs to do just that. Simply enter your budget, a desired target ROAS, and Google will use your inputs to find new users that fit your app’s performance goals.

Screenshot of Target ROAS bidding

When you set your target ROAS, you're telling Google Ads the average value you want back for every dollar spent. Keep in mind that your budget will be used to get as much in-app value as possible at your set target ROAS.

Depending on your campaign’s daily budget, it's important to consider trade-offs between your target ROAS and campaign scale. A higher ROAS target will narrow the pool of potential installs, whereas a lower ROAS target will typically enable the campaign to have more potential to scale.

To get started with Target ROAS bidding for App campaigns:

  • Create a new App campaign for Installs
  • Select the “Bidding” section
  • In the “What do you want to focus on?” dropdown, select “in-app action value”
  • Input your desired target Return on Ad Spend percentage
    • It is highly recommended to use a target cost per action (tCPA) campaign before using a target Return on Ad Spend (tROAS) campaign to uncover what a feasible initial target ROAS can be for your app. 
  • Launch your campaign

For more tips on managing and guiding the performance of your App campaigns, check out our best practices for App campaigns and bidding types within App campaigns. 

Posted by David Schachter, Product Manager,  App Ads

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