Choose the right budget and give your campaigns time to optimise

Like every automated bidding campaign type, Discovery ads optimise your ads and bids over time. For the best results after first set-up, allow your campaigns enough time to ramp up and learn what works for your campaign.


  • Ensure sufficient average daily budget and allow time for learning period (wait for at least 50 conversions) before making changes to your campaign.

Why: We tend to see ad groups with more than 50 conversions perform better; your goal should be to maximise conversion volumes to gain higher efficiency.


To ensure your campaign has sufficient budget to drive more conversions, your average daily budget should be set to 10 times the value of your target CPA, or $100 (or local currency equivalent) per day, per ad group – whichever is higher.
  • Select your bid strategy based on historical campaign maturity.

Why: For advertisers who are new to Discovery ads, or have been experiencing challenges in scaling or serving their campaigns, the system may have little historical data to optimise properly at the beginning of the campaign life cycle. As you ramp up a new Discovery campaign, we recommend that you follow a two-step approach:

  • Step 1: To enable optimal machine learning, wait until your ad groups have achieved more than 50 conversions before switching to target CPA bidding.


Use Max conversions bidding to help reach your conversion threshold faster.
  • Step 2: Over time, to gain more control over your cost and efficiency, you may want to switch to target CPA bidding (optional).


 If you’re an existing user who already has a track record of success with Discovery ads, we recommend that you use target CPA bidding to improve efficiency. 
  • After making changes to your campaign, wait two to three weeks before making more changes.

Why: Changing bidding strategies or adding new creative assets can cause short-term fluctuations in performance, which is normal as the system gathers the data needed to optimise performance. Avoid making changes based on these initial, temporary fluctuations.


To better understand how your bidding strategies are performing against relevant metrics (e.g. average tCPA) over time, check your bid strategy report.



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