Impact of conversion value rules on Smart Bidding and performance

If you currently use conversion value for your Smart Bidding, particularly if you’re using Target ROAS, Maximize conversion values, Performance Max, or Smart Shopping campaigns, you can apply conversion value rules to let you better express the value of conversions as they relate to your business and optimize towards conversions from the types of users who are more valuable to you.

When you have a conversion value rule applied at the account or campaign level, Smart Bidding will consider the active rules at auction time, and take this into account in bid optimization. Conversion value rules are designed to work along with our bidding systems at auction time.

When to use conversion value rules with Smart Bidding

  • Some types of customers are more valuable to your business than others, but you aren't able to report this in your account
    • For example, you may be an online leads business that currently values all leads at $5 USD through Google Ads. However, you know that Californian leads are typically worth twice as much. With conversion value rules, you could specify this distinction, and Google Ads would multiply values for users from California by 2.
  • You want to optimize for potential life-time value customers in Google Ads.
    • For example, you may use short-term life-time value in Google Ads to determine which events or audiences provide higher value. You can apply value rules with these audiences in mind.
  • You currently assign static values to conversions, but want to assign more dynamic values based on audience, device, or location to optimize reporting or Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value bidding.
    • For example, you may currently value calls at $5 USD and sign-ups at $20 USD. However, you may also value certain customers who complete each of these actions more than others. Therefore, you can apply conversion value rules to dynamically add to or multiply your $5 USD or $20 USD values based on defined conditions.
  • You want more flexibility and control to value store visits or store sales conversions in line with your business goals. For example, set a campaign-level store visit value that's higher than your default account value in campaigns promoting high priced items that sell better in stores. Or, multiply account-level store sals value by 0.8 to reduce total offline value to balance with ecommerce growth goals.
Note: Conversion value rules created at the campaign level will not affect bidding performance or reported conversions for other campaigns. The exception is in portfolio bid strategies where changes to one campaign in the portfolio could have a small performance impact to other campaigns due to portfolio optimization.

Removing conversion value rules

Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value bidding will aim to drive as much conversion value as possible, taking into account any rules that remain currently active in an account. If you remove a conversion value rule our system will resume optimizing for your current definition of value.

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