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You can show a list of related videos below a video ad when the ad is playing on YouTube. These videos can reinforce and extend your ad’s message beyond the primary video ad. In this article, you’ll learn about related videos and how they work in video campaigns.

An example of a primary video ad on YouTube, with related videos shown underneath


  • Extend your message beyond your primary video ad.
  • Keep viewers engaged with your creatives (including other videos on your YouTube channel).
  • Engage consumers even more effectively on mobile by leveraging the space below the primary video ad when the user’s device is held vertically.

How it works

  • Related videos are available in the 'Product and brand consideration' and 'Brand awareness and reach' goals (or you can create a video campaign without a goal’s guidance using the CPV or tCPM bidding strategy).
  • You can add 2–5 related videos to the campaign. Your videos need to be 'Public' or 'Unlisted' to appear as related videos in the campaign.
  • Related videos appear below the video ad when it’s playing in the YouTube app on mobile devices.
Related videos may not show below your ad all the time. Changes to the number of videos included with the ad, or the order of the videos, may also occur. Related videos should comply with Google’s advertising policies and requirements for YouTube ads.

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