About data exclusions

Smart Bidding uses conversions and conversion value data in Google Ads to help meet your goals. If you have any issues with conversion tracking, you can use data exclusions to prevent any unintended changes in your conversions from affecting Smart Bidding.

How it works

Data exclusions is an advanced tool that tells Smart Bidding to ignore all data from dates when there were issues with your conversion tracking.

Conversion issues that may affect Smart Bidding include anything that causes reported conversions or conversion value in Google Ads to be incorrect. For example:

  • Tagging issues
  • Website outages
Example: If a tag was accidentally removed from your site, Google Ads may not have tracked your conversions. You can exclude the data affected by the missing tag, so that Smart Bidding isn’t affected by any drops in conversions.

Data exclusions for Smart Bidding are available for Search, Display, Shopping, and Performance Max campaigns.

What to know about data exclusions

Data exclusions can only be used with conversions and conversion value based Smart Bidding strategies. Keep these best practices and key points in mind when using data exclusions:

  • Applies to clicks: Your data exclusions will exclude clicks that would have had the broken conversions attributed to them. When these clicks are excluded, the associated conversions are also excluded.
  • Exclude dates before conversions occur: If there is typically a delay between when your customers click on an ad and when they convert, exclude additional dates before the conversion tracking issue occurred.
  • Applies to all campaign types: If you applied an exclusion for the entire account, conversions for Search, Display, Shopping Network, and Performance Max campaigns will be excluded.
  • Doesn’t affect conversion reporting: Data exclusions only affect the data that Smart Bidding uses, you’ll still see these excluded conversions in your reporting.
Note: Data exclusions are meant to account for outages or major issues. Using them often or for long periods could negatively impact Smart Bidding performance.

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