App campaigns for engagement now available for eligible advertisers globally

December 8, 2020

As more people use their phones to discover content and make purchases this holiday season, your mobile app can help you engage loyal customers and keep them coming back.

App campaigns for engagement make it easy for you to stay connected with existing users by directing them to fresh and relevant content in your app. We’re now making App campaigns for engagement available to all eligible1 advertisers globally to help you reach your users with relevant ads on Google Search, Play, YouTube and over 1 million apps in our network.

Delivering more relevant and engaging ads across Google

You can capture users’ attention and encourage them to come back to your app by highlighting new content or offers in your ad text, image and video assets. For example, you can highlight trailers for upcoming seasons if you want people to watch a new hit show, or delivery discounts if you want people to order holiday meals from local restaurants.

You can also showcase the most relevant content in your app by linking your Google Merchant Center or business data feeds to your App campaigns for engagement. Feeds give you a scalable way to keep your ads updated with your latest products and services. And they can do so in eye-catching formats and places where people will be spending more time during the holidays, such as the canvas below YouTube’s “in-stream” app promotion ads.

Example mock of App campaigns for engagement across Search and YouTube
Engage users with rich visuals of relevant products or services your app offers

Starting early next year, feeds can also help make your app more discoverable by expanding how your engagement ads appear on By giving our algorithms more information about what’s available in your app, you can reach even more people who are searching for what your app offers. Loyal users with your app installed will see a custom prompt in the ad telling them they can complete their desired action in your app.

Getting started with App campaigns for engagement

To be eligible for App campaigns for engagement, you must:

  • Have a minimum base of 250,000 installs so your audience is large enough to achieve your campaign goals. 
  • Set up your App campaigns for engagement in a separate account from your App campaigns for installs to ensure you’re optimizing for your defined campaign objectives. 
  • Implement app conversion tracking with the latest version of the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK or through one of our App Attribution Program partners. Be sure to append ‘session_starts’ to gclid (learn more).
  • Implement deep linking with App Links, Universal Links, or custom schemes. Users will be taken directly to the relevant item or page they tapped on in your engagement ad.

You can also use our new deep link validation feature in your Google Ads account to confirm that your deep links send users to the right app landing pages associated with your ads. Simply enter your app URL as you create your campaign to ensure you deliver a seamless experience for your loyal users.

Screenshot of the deep link validation feature

To learn more about App campaigns for engagement, be sure to check our guide for additional use cases and best practices.  

Posted by Krishna Bharathala, Product Manager, App Ads


1. To serve App campaigns for engagement, advertisers are required to implement app conversion tracking and deep linking, and to have a minimum of 250,000 app installs.

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