About property promotion ads

There are 2 ad group types for hotel campaigns: property promotion ads and hotel booking links.

Property promotion is a new ad group type for hotel campaigns that enables advertisers to increase consideration of their property by promoting it into a prominent position in hotel search results. Property promotion ads aim to drive incremental outbound clicks, while retaining expected conversion rates and booking value.

Hotel booking links help advertisers drive online bookings and streamline checkout with a link directly to their booking page. Hotel booking links appear in the booking module for a given property.

Key benefits of property promotion ads:

Property promotion ads benefit cards

Where your ads appear

Property promotion ads appear in the hotel search experience, on both desktop and mobile, when a user enters a categorical query (for example, “hotels nyc”). Up to 2 property promotion ads may show per page of results.

Hotel ads immersive view

When a user clicks on a property promotion ad from hotel search results, they'll be taken to the "Sponsored" tab. The "Sponsored" tab is exclusive to that property promotion ad, and is designed to showcase the property and the advertiser’s offer.

Property promotion ads also appear in Google Maps and Google Search, on both desktop and Android mobile, when a user searches for hotels in a given geographic area (for example, “hotels nyc”).

Getting started

Property promotion ads are open to all advertisers globally (except in France). The participation criteria is as follows:

  • Have an active Hotel Center account linked to at least one Google Ads account
  • Have at least one active landing page in Hotel Center or be currently participating in Book on Google
  • Have at least 1 image of the property that is ad-approved or provided by the advertiser

Consider promoting properties which are:

  • Experiencing periods of low occupancy
  • New to a market and need to raise brand awareness
  • Recently renovated or have expanded their services (for example, added a spa, outdoor recreation area, or partnerships with nearby activities)
  • More relevant or desirable than usual due to a big event in the area
  • Currently having a flash sale or that you're willing to offer a discount for a limited time

Setting up property promotion ads

You can create and modify property promotion ad groups in your Google Ads account and through the Google Ads API.

To create a property promotion ad, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your Google Ads account that is linked to your Hotel Center account.
  2. Choose a hotel campaign where you want to create a property promotion ad.
  3. Select Set up a new ad group and then select Property promotion as the ad group type.

    Property promotion: set up a new ad group

    Note: Any ad group created prior to setting up your property promotion ads will be defaulted to the booking link ad group. Make sure you're creating new ad groups specifically for your property promotion ads.

  4. Select properties you want to promote and add them to the property promotion ad group.
  5. Set property promotion bids.
  6. Activate your campaign and property promotion ad group.

    property promotion ad group

Bidding for property promotion ads

Refer to Bidding Overview for Hotel Ads for more information on bidding for hotel campaigns.

Property promotion ads let you increase consideration of your property by promoting it at the top of search results. You can choose which properties to promote and set a bid that aligns with your business objectives.

Property promotion ads are compatible with all bid strategies available for hotel campaigns, including:


You can view performance metrics for property promotion ads by using the Report Editor and segmenting by ad group type “property promotion ads”.

An eligible impression is awarded for every active bid in the property promotion query geography (hotel city level) and is capped at the number of available ad positions for the Google Ads account.

  • Eligible impressions per geographic region might also have overlap:
    • For example, eligible impressions in Dallas, eligible impressions in Fort Worth, and then eligible impressions in the Greater Dallas Area - the Greater Dallas Area might contain eligible impressions from both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Impressions for property promotion ads will always be logged in the list view when served through Google Search or Maps for both property promotion and booking link ad groups. Impressions will never be logged in the "Sponsored" tab.

Impression Share is defined as the percentage of all eligible impressions for a given user query.

A click occurs when a user selects an outbound link to the partner website.

  • There is no reporting specific to the property promotion ads carousel, Flights, and others. These stats are included in aggregated metrics.

Property promotions ads traffic coming from property promotions ad groups versus booking link ad groups

We log all property promotions ads traffic under the network type “Cross-network” so you can always segment performance traffic by property promotion ads placement, regardless of what ad group type the bid comes from. All booking link traffic is logged under the network type “Search”. If you don't have property promotion ad groups set up for a hotel, it's possible that bids from booking link ad groups may be used for property promotion ads. Use the network type dimension to tell the 2 traffic sources apart - “Search” for booking module traffic, “Cross-network” for property promotion ads traffic.

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