New access level and account ownership for your Google Ads account

August 19, 2020

When managing a Google Ads account, it's important to keep your account secure. However, giving people the correct level of access isn't always easy. That's why, we're introducing a new billing-only role and an update to account ownership.

With the billing-only role, it's easier to grant billing permissions to certain people–like stakeholders in your finance department. They'll have the ability to view and manage billing, but won't be able to view or edit your campaigns.

Account ownership, previously known as administrative ownership, extends the normal permission of manager accounts. In the past, an account was able to have multiple owners. Now, the ownership role will allow only one manager account to have ownership of a Google Ads account. This update paves the way for more advanced manager account features in the future.

Learn more about managing access levels in your Google Ads accounts here.

Posted by Nicole Pang, Product Manager, Google Ads


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