Use Glass's camera to take crystal clear high resolution pictures in low or bright light.

Glass is equipped with a 5 MP camera and some software improvements, like HDR, to detect low light situations and automatically capture a brighter, sharper picture. Best of all, this software works even in tough situations where there are moving subjects.

There are two ways to capture a picture:

  • From the Home screen, say "ok glass, take a picture."
  • Press the camera button above your right eye to capture a picture.

After snapping a picture, you'll see a brief preview of the shot you’ve just taken before it is saved to your timeline. Tap the touchpad while the preview is on-screen, or say "ok glass, share with...", to share the picture with one of your contacts or Google+ circles.

View your pictures

To view the picture in your timeline, swipe forward on the touchpad from the Home screen. Glass will make a collage out of pictures, videos, and vignettes taken during a day and bundle them together. Tap into the bundle to browse and then on a picture to share or delete the picture from your timeline. You can also find the picture in your Auto Backup album on Google+ once Glass has a chance to sync your pictures.

Syncing on Google+

Glass will sync all of your pictures and videos automatically to your Auto Backup album when you plug it into a charger while it is within Wifi range. You can force a picture or video to sync by sharing it manually.

You can also import the pictures and videos you captured with Glass by connecting it to your computer with the USB cable. It will connect as a media device, similar to a USB drive or camera.

Make a vignette

Vignettes superimpose a screenshot of your Glass display over a picture. You can share these around to show what you're doing on Glass while you're taking a picture. It's a sweet little snapshot of your experience on Glass.

Sample vignette

To take a vignette:

  1. Use Glass normally and prepare the Glass display for a screenshot.
  2. When you've lined up what you want on your display, press Glass's camera button.
  3. Tap the touchpad and select Make vignette.

You'll also have the ability to share a vignette and attach a comment on Google+ after the picture is saved. Find your vignette in a bundle on your timeline, or in your Auto Backup album on Google+ later when Glass has a chance to backup.