Use extensions in Gemini Apps

Gemini Apps can interact with other Google apps and services through extensions to provide more helpful responses to your prompts. For example, Gemini Apps can help you:

  • Get real-time flight and hotel booking info for customised travel planning
  • Create a template to write a best man speech and find YouTube videos of funny ones for inspiration
  • Get location-based information from Google Maps

With your permission, some Gemini extensions can help you connect with your personal information and content in other Google services. For example, you can:

  • Connect Google Workspace to find information and get quick answers about your content in apps and services like Gmail, Docs and Drive directly in Gemini Apps
  • Connect YouTube Music to access your YouTube Music playlists and play music

What you need

To use extensions in Gemini Apps:

  • Sign in with your personal Google Account that you manage on your own. Extensions, including the Google Workspace extension, are currently not available to work or school accounts. Extensions for users with the Gemini for Google Workspace add-on will be available soon.
  • Have Gemini Apps activity on. Extensions are only available when Gemini Apps activity is turned on.

Use an extension

Important: Most extensions are turned on by default. You can turn off extensions at any time in your Extensions settings.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. In the text box at the bottom, enter your question or prompt.
    • Optionally, to specify a service or app for the Gemini web app to use, enter @ and select the extension. If the extension that you select is off, it'll either be turned on or the Gemini web app will ask for your permission to turn it on.
  3. Click Submit . If an extension is available, the Gemini web app automatically uses it.
  4. If needed, to give the Gemini web app permission to use the extension:
    1. Click Continue.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions.


  • Show me flights to Tokyo and give me ideas of things to do. How about Seoul too?
  • Find hotels in Phuket for a week in March and suggest a packing list.
  • Show me food shops in Snowdonia National Park and give me ideas for good snacks to bring hiking.
  • I bought a monstera plant, find me YouTube videos on how to take care of it
What Gemini Apps can't do with Google extensions

Gemini Apps can’t use extensions to perform certain actions in other apps or services for you, like:

  • Book a flight or hotel
  • Make a YouTube playlist
  • Add a review to a place in Google Maps

Browse available extensions

Important: The available extensions vary by region.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. At the bottom, click Settings  and then Extensions .

Turn an extension on or off

Important: If you turn off an extension, it doesn't delete your activity related to that extension from your Gemini Apps activity or any data shared with and stored by other services. Learn more about how your data works with extensions.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. At the bottom, click Settings  and then Extensions .
  3. Find the extension and turn it off or on .
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions.

Important: Gemini Apps can hallucinate responses or provide outdated information, like from an older email when there's a more recent one. To check the information, click and review the sources listed after the response.

When you connect Google Workspace, you can summarise, get quick answers and find information from apps and services like Gmail, Docs and Drive directly in Gemini Apps.

To connect Google Workspace in a chat:

  1. Make sure that you're signed in to the same account that you use with Google Workspace.
  2. Ask the Gemini web app to get information from Google Workspace.
    • Tip: Don't paste the URL of a document or email in your prompt. To reference content in Google Workspace, use keywords from the content and specify the app, service or content type.
  3. If you haven't connected Google Workspace, you'll get the option to connect it.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Tip: You can also turn Google Workspace on or off in your Extensions settings.

  • Summarise my unread emails from today.
Connect Google Workspace apps and services in extensions settings
  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Make sure that you're signed in to the same account that you use with Google Workspace.
  3. At the bottom, click Settings  and then Extensions .
  4. Turn on Google Workspace.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Why can't I connect Google Workspace

Extensions are only available with a personal Google Account. You can't connect Google Workspace when you're signed in to a Google Workspace account for school, business or other organisations.

Required settings in Gmail might be turned off. For Gemini Apps to connect with Google Workspace, both 'Smart features and personalisation' settings must be turned on in your Gmail settings. If you turn them on, reload the Gemini app and try to connect again.

Learn how to change smart features and personalisation settings.

Mention Gmail, Google Docs or Google Drive in your prompt. For every new conversation, you need to ask the Gemini app to get something from your personal Google Workspace explicitly. You can mention Gmail or email, Docs or documents, and Drive or PDFs in your prompt. You don't need to do this for follow-up questions. For example:

  • First prompt: Summarise my recent emails from Harper elementary school
  • Next prompt: When is pyjama day?
What Gemini Apps can't do with Google Workspace

Gemini Apps can't:

  • Access attachments, comments or images in Docs or Gmail
  • Access folders, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures and videos in your Drive
    • This includes any content that isn't in a document or PDF
  • Create an email draft or delete emails in Gmail
  • Create, draft or delete spreadsheets, PDFs, documents and presentations
  • Manage content in your Drive, like create folders or move content between folders
  • Count items in your Drive or tell you how much Drive storage you have
  • Process and respond to large files
  • Answer prompts about Slides or Sheets
  • Answer prompts about images or comments in a document or PDF

Connect YouTube Music to Gemini Apps

Important: The YouTube Music extension isn’t available in Gemini in Google Messages. For now, the YouTube Music extension works with prompts in English only.

When you connect your YouTube Music account, you can ask Gemini Apps to show, find or play music from YouTube Music. For example, you can ask for music by song, album, artist, playlist and more.

To connect YouTube Music in a chat:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the same account that you use with YouTube Music.
  2. Ask the Gemini app to find or play from YouTube Music.
  3. If YouTube Music isn’t connected, you’ll get the option to connect it.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Tip: You can also turn YouTube Music on or off in your Extensions settings.

  • Show some rock music
  • Turn on White Noise @YouTubeMusic
  • Play music that I like
  • Play rock music radio
  • Show me songs from modern artists keeping classic blues alive

You can also use these prompt formats:

  • Find [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the album [album title] by [artist name]
  • Find [playlist name] playlist
  • Find [genre] music
  • Search for songs similar to [song name] by [artist name]
  • Find the song that goes [song lyrics]
  • Find the [song name] music video
  • Start a radio based on the song [song name]
  • Search for [artist name] songs
About your YouTube Music watch history

When you use the YouTube Music extension, your YouTube Music watch history is stored based on your settings. You can view and manage your YouTube Music watch history. Learn how to manage your watch history.

How extensions work in Gemini Apps

  • Gemini Apps only use extensions that are on in your Extensions settings. This includes extensions that you turn on when you specify them in your prompt with an '@' mention.
  • Gemini Apps check for extensions that can help Gemini generate a more helpful response. If a Gemini app finds an extension that can help, it automatically sends information from your conversation and other relevant information to that extension. For example, Gemini Apps will send your location data to Google Maps if you ask for coffee shops near you and the Google Maps extension is on.
  • Gemini Apps won't access your personal content in other services without your permission.
  • If you directly interact with another Google service in Gemini Apps, your activity might be saved by that other service. For example, if you watch a YouTube video in a Gemini app, YouTube may:

Learn more about how extensions work with your personal data.

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