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How do I take my temperature with my Pixel phone?

Take a body temperature measurement with your qualified Pixel phone.

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How do I take a body temperature measurement?
  1. Open the Thermometer app on your phone and tap Body temperature.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the correct permissions (sensor and camera) and settings to take body temperature measurements.
  3. The temperature sensor needs access to bare skin. Remove any accessories that cover your forehead or temple. For example, remove glasses and pull hair away from your temples.
  4. Position the camera bar centered to your forehead. The phone will vibrate when in range.
  5. After the phone is in position, tap the Tap to measure button in the center of the screen.
  6. Slowly scan the device across your forehead towards your temple. Complete the measurement within 4 seconds. The app stops recording after 4 seconds.
  7. View your temperature.
    • If you want to save the measurement, tap Save.
    • If you want to retake without saving the measurement, tap Reset.
How do I see my recent temperature results in the Thermometer app?
  1. Open the Thermometer app on your phone and tap Recent results.
  2. View all measurements from the past 7 days.
How do I delete previous measurements in the Thermometer app?
  1. Open the Thermometer app on your phone and tap the menu icon  and then Recent results.
  2. To delete an individual measurement, swipe left on it and then Delete. To delete all measurements, tap Delete all.
How do I change temperature units in the Thermometer app?
  1. Open the Thermometer app on your phone and tap Body temperature.
  2. Tap the Settings icon .
  3. Under Unit, tap Celsius or Fahrenheit.
How do I adjust settings in the Thermometer app?

To adjust settings such as Voice assist and whether the Temperature guide appears:

  1. Open the Thermometer app on your phone and tap Body temperature.
  2. Tap the Settings icon . Tap the setting you want to change.
How do I interpret my results in the Thermometer app?
Use the Temperature guide in the Thermometer app to interpret your results. For more information, see the Instructions for Use.
How do I troubleshoot errors seen in the Thermometer app?
Error Troubleshooting

Sensor out of range

  • When taking a measurement, bring the device so that the camera bar is centered to your forehead.
  • Ensure that there is nothing covering the cameras or temperature sensor. Your forehead must be clean, dry, and not blocked during the measurement.

Measurement failed

  • Keep the back of the phone with the camera bar centered to your forehead, as close as possible to the skin without touching.
  • Move the camera bar from the center of the forehead and cross one of your temples.
  • Move the camera bar across the temple within 4 seconds when measuring.
  • Take the measurement indoors (recommended) or out of direct sunlight.
  • Take the measurement away from any fans, vents, windows, or heat sources (e.g., fireplace, portable heater).
  • Make sure your skin is clean and sweat-free before measuring.
  • Make sure the sensor window is clean and dirt-free.
  • Remove all accessories and clear your forehead, making sure your temple is exposed.

Sensor is too warm/cool


  • Let your device rest for 10 minutes so that it acclimates to room temperature before taking another measurement.
  • Remove your device from the charger.

Sensor not available

If you receive an error that the temperature sensor is unavailable, contact Customer Support for more information.

Unable to start measurement

Retry by bringing the camera bar center to your forehead and tap the “Tap to measure” icon to begin the scan.

Forehead temperature out of range

If you’re coming from an outdoor environment, stay in a room at typical room temperatures for at least 10 minutes before taking a measurement.


Why don’t I see the Thermometer app or the option to take body temperature?
  • The Thermometer app is only available for Pixel 8 Pro devices running Android version 14 and firmware version UQ1A.231205.015.A1 or higher. Check for available updates in the Google Play Store.
  • This feature is currently only available for users in the United States. Ensure that your device has an active SIM or eSIM issued from a U.S.- based carrier.
  • This feature is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese.
How do I set up the connection between the Pixel 8 Pro Thermometer app and the Fitbit app?
Set up the connection from the Fitbit app or from the Thermometer app. For more information, see How can Fitbit help me track my temperature?


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