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Connect other apps with Google Fit

With Google Fit, you can keep all your fitness information tied to your Google Account and share it with the other apps and devices you use to stay healthy. When you want to check in or get insights about your activities, open Google Fit.

You can grant apps access to the data, and remove this access at any time in the Google Fit settings. You can also delete the data stored in Google Fit at any time. Learn more about How connected app sharing works with your Google Fit data.

Sync other apps with Fit

Some other apps can share information with Fit so you can see your fitness data in one place. 

See which apps work with Fit

Connect apps with Google Fit

You need to connect an app with Fit to share the data from that app with Fit. Each app you connect will have a different process to connect it. But generally you can:

  1. Open the app you want to connect, like Strava, Runkeeper, or MyFitnessPal.
  2. Look for the Settings menu. 
  3. Look for the setting to connect other apps and devices. Depending on the app, this might be called "Link other services", "apps & devices", "manage connections", or something else. 
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to link the app to Google Fit  Google Fit.

Note: To see all the apps which you can connect to Fit, see which apps work with Fit

See or remove connected apps

You can control which apps share data with Fit.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google Fit app Google Fit.
  2. Tap Profile and then Settings Settings.
  3. Tap Manage connected apps.
  4. To see the full list of connected apps, tap the dropdown arrow Down Arrow and then All apps & devices.
  5. To stop sharing info between Fit and another app, tap on the app and then Disconnect and then Disconnect.

If you disconnect an app from Google Fit, it will be disconnected on all devices where that app is installed. Disconnecting an app will not delete any data that the app stored in Google Fit.

How apps share data on Google Fit

Before you connect an app to Google Fit, Google will ask if you want to allow this app to store new data to Google Fit and view data you’ve already stored in Google Fit.

  • Store new data: The app can save information to your Google Account on Google Fit. Only some apps store data and when they do, any other apps or devices that you’ve given permission to view data can use that information that they’ve stored in your Google Fit account.
  • View existing data: The app can use information saved to Google Fit by other connected apps.

After you give permission, a connected app can access information in your Google Fit account from any device where you have it installed. If you give an app permission to connect to Google Fit on one device, you can download that app on a second device and it’ll automatically connect to your Google Fit account.

Apps connected to Google Fit share and use your info in one of two ways:

  • Collaborative sharing: Usually, apps let other connected apps view the fitness data they've stored in Google Fit.
  • Isolated storing: Sometimes, apps store data in Google Fit without letting other connected apps see it.

Types of data Google Fit stores

Activity information

Activity information is data about your physical activity.

Activity information can include step count, calories burned, and speed for activities like running, walking, or biking. When you let an app see activity information, that app can view all activity information stored in Google Fit, including information collected and stored by Google and other apps.

Location data

Location data is information about where you are and where you have been.

With location data, the app can indicate statistics, like how far you've run or how fast you were cycling. If you let an app see your location data, that app can use the location data stored in Google Fit by other apps.

Nutrition and hydration

If you enter nutrition and hydration information through a connected app, Google Fit will track your food and drink.

Nutrition and hydration information can include caloric intake, macronutrients, micronutrients, and water intake.

Body sensor information

Body sensor information is data that may be collected by body sensors about your physical condition, such as heart rate.

Sleep information

If you track your sleep through a connected app, you’ll find sleep info in your Journal. Sleep info includes bedtime, wake-up time, and total hours slept.

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