How connected app sharing works with your Google Fit data

Connect other apps to Google Fit to get all your fitness information in one place, and use Google Fit as a single entry point for your fitness data. You can control which data is shared with third party apps you choose to connect with Google Fit.

How connected apps work

You can control whether Google Fit shares your Google Fit data with other apps. Connected apps are subject to policies that prohibit them from sharing your Google Fit data with data brokers or resellers.

You can review what types of data apps will access when you connect them to Google Fit, and you can disconnect apps at any time.

How we protect your data

When you allow other apps to share data to Google Fit, Google Fit uses that data to help you track your activities and give you analytics. Your Google Fit data is stored securely on Google servers. If you lose or change your device, your data is backed up on Google servers from the Google Fit app with your Google Account.

You can choose to share your Google Fit data with other third party apps. Connected apps may request access to your Google Fit data, but you control what types of data other apps can access, and you can revoke access at any time.

All developers are subject to the Google Fit Developer and User Data Policy when they access Fit data.

You're in control
You can choose which data Google Fit shares with other apps, or you can choose not to share your Google Fit data with other apps. You can disconnect apps at any time.
Important: Device settings vary by phone and Android version. For more information, contact your device manufacturer.
  1. Open Google Fit Google Fit.
  2. At the bottom, tap Profile.
  3. At the top, tap Settings Settings and then Manage connected apps.
    • To review the apps connected to Google Fit, tap the Down arrow Drop down arrow and then Google Fit apps & devices.
    • To disconnect, tap on the app and then Disconnect and then Disconnect.
Tip: You can also disconnect connected apps from your Google Account on the web.

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