Your GFiber Quick Start Guide

Now that you've got GFiber installed, you're ready to take advantage of our super-fast Internet. Here's a quick start guide to help you manage your GFiber service.

Let's get you started

  1. Google Fiber billing statement icon

    Learn about your first GFiber bill

    Your first bill will be higher than your following monthly bills because it’ll include the charges for the upcoming month as well as a prorated charge for the current month you're installed. Learn more with these helpful articles:
  2. Google Fiber account management iconManage your GFiber account

    It’s simple for you to manage your GFiber service—all in one place. Here are some helpful articles that'll assist you in managing your account:
  3. Google Fiber Wi-Fi connectivity iconGet the best Internet performance

    Now that you’ve gotten GFiber all set up, you can start experiencing the super fast speeds of GFiber Internet. If you need, you can:
  4. Google Fiber troubleshooter iconSolve issues with your GFiber service

    If you’re having any trouble with your Fiber service, you can powercycle your GFiber device or use our troubleshooter to guide you through a few questions that may lead you to resolving the problem with your:

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