Schedule Google Fiber Phone installation with a number transfer

When we’re ready to install your Google Fiber service, you’ll receive an email inviting you to schedule your appointment. If you’ve requested a number transfer on your Google Fiber Phone account, we attempt to time the transfer to take place on the day of your installation. Transferring a number typically takes 3-5 business days, so some scheduling restrictions apply.

Before scheduling your installation

  • Don’t terminate your existing service; your current number must be active during the transfer.
  • Have a bill on hand from your current provider. You'll need to submit certain account information from your bill.
  • We’ll work with your provider to transfer your number, and expect to complete your transfer at the same time we install your service.
  • If we’re unable to transfer your number at the time of your appointment, we'll assign you a temporary number. When the transfer of your phone number is complete, your existing phone number will automatically become your Google Fiber Phone number.
  • If the phone transfer occurs before your appointment (which can happen if you have to reschedule your installation at the last minute), your phone number will be transferred to Google Fiber Phone and your existing provider will have disconnected your service. As a result, you will not be able to make 911 calls from your home phone. However, you can use your phone number with Google Voice or your mobile service until your Google Fiber Phone service is installed.
Schedule your Google Fiber Phone installation

Important: Once you have scheduled an appointment, avoid selecting Notify me of new appointments, as this will cancel both your appointment and a number transfer, if one is in progress. If this occurs, you'll need to resubmit your number transfer information.


To schedule your installation appointment:

  1. Sign into Google Fiber account , and then follow the prompts to schedule your installation appointment.

    You’ll be directed to an online scheduler to select your appointment. If you're awaiting a transfer, the calendar displays two appointment types:

    • Appointments marked in blue represent days we can transfer your phone number.
    • Appointments marked in red represent days that we cannot transfer your phone number.
  2. If possible, choose an appointment on a day marked with blue. If you’re unable to find an appointment that fits your schedule, click Notify me of new appointments. You’ll receive updates about available appointments in the future.
Reschedule your installation

If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of your installation appointment, contact Google Fiber customer support to choose a new time. Rescheduling with short notice may interrupt your phone service. If this occurs, you can still make and receive calls using Google Voice from a web browser or with your mobile phone.


To reschedule your installation appointment:

  1. Sign into your Fiber account and follow the prompts to change your appointment time.
  2. On the Scheduler, pick a new, available appointment on the calendar. You're all set.
Cancel your installation


  • If you cancel your Google Fiber Phone installation appointment and a number transfer is in progress, the pending number transfer will be canceled. You'll have to resubmit your number transfer information in your Fiber account.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of the original installation appointment, we may not be able to cancel the number transfer and your phone service will be disconnected until we can install service. If this occurs, you can still make and receive calls using Hangouts.
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