Outages and backup power

Your Fiber Phone service at home requires an Internet connection and power supply. Certain conditions, such as a power outage, will interrupt your Fiber Phone service, including 911, unless you have battery backup or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). If your home already uses a permanently installed generator to deliver backup power during an outage, you probably don't need a battery backup or a UPS.

Although you can make and receive calls (with the exception of 911 emergency service) on your mobile phone using Hangouts, we recommend battery backup to ensure 911 service on your home phone.

For your convenience, we've provided a 911 VoIP warning label you can download, print, and place on or near your Phone Box as a reminder that your phone service may be limited or unavailable during a power outage or loss of broadband connection.

Battery backup options

If Fiber Phone is available in your area, Google Fiber offers an optional battery backup unit you can purchase when you sign up for Fiber service or add Fiber Phone to your existing service. Our battery backup delivers up to 24 hours of backup power and maintains 911 service on your home phone. If you choose to purchase our optional solution, our Installation Specialist will deliver and set up the unit during your Fiber installation appointment.

Check your network connections

Your Fiber Phone Box is connected to the Internet through your Network Box and Fiber Jack. If you have power, but your Fiber Phone home service is unavailable, your Network Box or Fiber Jack may be the cause of the interruption.

You can troubleshoot your network connection on your own, learn how to improve your Wi-Fi speeds or check for a service outage to help you assess the issue your having.

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