About your Network Box (GFRG200, GFRG210)

Most Network Box customers are eligible to upgrade to a Nest Wifi Pro Router. To learn more, visit the Router upgrade for Network Box customers article.

If you subscribe to the 1 Gig service, your package includes a Network Box (GFRG110 or GFRG200). If you subscribe to the 1 Gig + TV service, your package includes either a Network Box (GFRG110) and a Storage Box (GFMS100) or a Network+ Box (GFRG210).

The Network+ Box provides the same network routing capabilities as a Google Fiber Network Box (GFRG200). In addition to network routing functions, the Network+ Box serves as the central storage device for all content you record from all of your TV Boxes. It provides 2 TB of storage space, which allows you to store up to 500 hours of programming, and connects to the TV Boxes using MoCA or Ethernet.

In this article, "Network Box" refers to either device. When there are differences between the devices, the text distinguishes between them as "Network Box" or "Network+ Box".

This article describes the Network Box models GFRG200 and GFRG210. If you have model GFRG110, see specific information about your device.

The Google Fiber Network Box connects by Ethernet cable directly to your Fiber Jack. The dimensions of the Network Box are 8" W x 8" D x 1.5" H.

When the Network Box is properly connected, the LED on the front lights up solid blue. If the LED does not light up solid blue about 2 minutes after being connected to power, contact GFiber customer support.

The Network Box serves as a router, which provides Internet service for your home network. You can connect computers and other devices directly to the Network Box using Ethernet cables or wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

A maximum of four devices can be wired directly to the Network Box using Ethernet cables. If you want to add more wired devices, you can connect a gigabit Ethernet switch to one of the Ethernet ports. Connecting directly to the Network Box provides the fastest speeds on your network.

As the number of wireless devices connected to the Network Box increases, you might notice performance degradation.

You can manage your network settings on the Network tab of your Fiber account.

Google Fiber uses open source components (some of which are licensed under GPL). You can find our repository of open source code at code.google.com/p/gfiber.

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