Update your payment method

You can use a credit card, debit card, or bank account to pay for your GFiber service. In addition to regular debit cards, we accept verified prepaid debit cards with a Visa®, Amex®, Discover®, or MasterCard® logo.

Click here to see if your prepaid debit card can be added to your account.

You can update your payment method in the following ways:

  • Add a new payment method

  • Assign a different credit or debit card, or a bank account, as the primary payment method

  • Change the expiration date of your credit or debit card payment method

If you have an outstanding balance and make any of the following changes, we will automatically retry your card or bank account within the next 24 hours. Also, you shouldn't make a manual payment at this time for you will be charged twice: once through the manual payment and once through an automatic charge. 

The sections that follow provide instructions for adding and updating payment methods.

Add a credit or debit card


  1. Sign in to your GFiber account; then click Manage Bill on your Account page.

    If you don't see Manage Bill on your Account page, you haven't entered a payment method yet, and will add your first one. See Add your first GFiber payment method below for more information.

  2. On the billing page, click Manage Payment Methods; then select Add Payment Method at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select Add new credit or debit card.

  4. Enter the required card information, including card number, expiration date, and the three-digit security code on the back of the card (on the front for American Express cardholders). Change the cardholder name if necessary.

  5. To change or add an address, click the map  next to the current address; then select the current address to display a list of addresses. Select an existing address or Add a new address.

  6. If you're adding an address, enter only the ZIP code associated with the address.

  7. Select Save.

  8. If you want the new card to be the primary payment method on your account, select Primary from the drop-down list associated with the new payment method.

Update information for an existing credit or debit card

You can edit the cardholder name, expiration date, and billing address for a card; you cannot edit the card number.


  1. On your Account page, click Manage Bill, and then select Manage Payment Methods to display your current payment methods.

  2. Click Edit next to the card you want to update.

  3. Update the card's information; then click Save.

Remove a payment method


  1. Sign in to your GFiber account; then click Manage Bill on your Account page.

  2. On the billing page, click Manage Payment Methods.

  3. On the payment method you want to remove, choose None from the menu, and then click Remove. A confirmation message appears. 

    Remove payment method in Google Fiber account.

  4. Click Remove.

Your account requires at least one payment method on file. If you have multiple cards associated with your account, one is always designated as primary. If you want to remove the primary credit or debit card from your account, you must first assign another card as primary, and then remove the former primary card from your account.
Add a bank account

When you add a bank account to your GFiber account, you can verify your account information instantly or have Google place a test deposit in your account, which takes two to three days.


  1. Sign in to your GFiber account and click Manage Bill on your Account page.

    If you don't see Manage Bill on your Account page, you haven't entered any payment methods yet, and you're now adding your first one. See Add your first Google Fiber payment method below for more information.
  2. On the billing page, click Manage Payment Methods, click Add a Payment Method, and then select Bank account.

  3. Enter the required account information; then click Save.

Verify your bank account information in either of the following ways:

To verify your account information instantly:

  1. Select Verify instantly; then click Verify.

  2. Enter the user ID and password you use to access your bank account website, and then click Verify to initiate authentication of your bank account.

To verify your account with a Google test deposit:

  1. In the verify dialog box, select Verify in 2-3 days with deposit; then click Verify.

    A message appears to confirm that Google will make a deposit in your account.

  2. Click Got It.

    After completing this step, the Payment methods screen appears with a verification pending message and Google starts the process of making a deposit (less than $1) to your bank account to verify that the correct account has been set up.

  3. When you see a deposit from Google Test, note the deposit amount, return to the Payment methods screen, and click Verify now.
  4. Enter the Google Test deposit amount on the verification screen and click Verify. (Be sure to enter a decimal point for deposit amounts under $1.)

    When the confirmation screen appears, your bank account setup is complete.

Assign a credit or debit card, or a bank account, as primary or backup


  1. Sign in to your GFiber account; then click Manage Bill on your Account page.

  2. Click Manage Payment Methods.

  3. On the desired payment method, select either Primary or Backup from the drop-down list. (If you have multiple payment methods associated with your account, only one is designated as primary.)

Add your first GFiber payment method

If you're a GFiber customer and you don't receive a bill (for example, if GFiber service is provided by your apartment building), you'll need to specify a payment method if you sign up for paid services, such as Google Fiber Phone or streaming services.


To establish a payment method:

  1. Sign in to GFiber using the email and password you use for your Fiber account. Your account page will then appear.

  2. Under Manage Bill, click Add a payment method and follow the instructions to enter your desired payment method, which can be a credit card, debit card, verified prepaid debit card, or bank account.

    Your payment method is added to your billing page. 

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