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Learn about Google Fiber devices

You might be wondering what Google Fiber will look like in your home. Here are some answers.

We've worked hard to deploy a robust gigabit network to connect your home to the rest of the internet. In addition, to ensure that you can reap all the benefits offered by gigabit speeds, we have put a lot of work into designing new devices to deliver that gigabit experience inside your home. Following is some basic information about Google Fiber devices and what they look like inside your home.

Fiber Jack

First, we pull a fiber optic connection directly to your home and connect it to a small Fiber Jack that is mounted on your inside wall. Then, your router takes that gigabit connection from the Fiber Jack and distributes fast, reliable internet throughout your home. Wondering where your Fiber Jack is? Go here to learn more.

Google Fiber Jack Model GFLT100 wall plate

Network Box

The Google Fiber Network Box (GFRG100, GFRG110, and GFRG200) and Network+ Box (GFRG210) are functionally different but identical in size and appearance, with the exception of a plus (+) symbol on the front of the Network+ Box. The model number of each device is located on the bottom of the device.

Google Fiber Network Box - modem and router in one.

If you subscribe to Google Fiber TV service, some Network Boxes (GFRG100 and GFRG110) require a Storage Box to store your content, but the Network+ Box (GFRG210) has built-in storage.

The service plan you choose determines the equipment included with your service:

  • If you subscribe to the 1 Gig plan, your package includes a Network Box (GFRG100, GFRG110, or GFRG200).

  • If you subscribe to the 1 Gig + TV plan, your package includes either a Network Box (GFRG100 or GFRG110) and a Storage Box (GFMS100) or a Network+ Box (GFRG210).

  • If you subscribe to any other plan, your package includes a Network Box (GFRG100, GFRG110, or GFRG200).

Both the Network Box and the Network+ Box have four gigabit Ethernet ports where you can plug in computers to get the highest speeds. The Mini Network Box has one Ethernet port. All Network Boxes are equipped with great Wi-Fi, and although Wi-Fi is slower than a wired connection, we have built in an advanced Wi-Fi radio to allow you to get as much speed as possible when you're not wired. Our firewall helps protect your home network from outside hackers without compromising speed.

You manage your network on the web, where you can control all your devices from an easy-to-understand portal, but you still have access to the advanced configuration options if you're a power user.

Storage Device

We've designed a storage device as your home DVR, which is one of the following depending on the equipment you have:

  • Storage Box. The Storage Box is connected to your Network Box using an Ethernet cable, and then to all the TV Boxes in your home using either Ethernet cable or the coaxial cables already in your home.

  • Network+ Box. The Network+ Box includes the storage DVR, and connects to all the TV Boxes in your home using either an Ethernet cable or coaxial cables already in your home.

The storage device comes with two TB of storage space, which stores up to 500 hours of programming. You can watch or record up to eight shows at once, so you never have to worry about messing up a recording if you are watching something else on TV.

Because your storage device connects to all the Fiber-connected TVs in your home, you can start watching a show on your living room TV and then pick up where you left off in any other room that has a Fiber-connected TV.

Google Fiber Storage Device stores and records up to 500 hours of programs.

TV Box

We've also created some special devices to power the TV service. Every TV Box is HD-ready, and there are no extra monthly fees to watch HD. With the TV Box, you have access to hundreds of HD channels, thousands of on-demand TV shows and movies, and fully integrated online video services including Netflix, VUDU, and YouTube.

At every TV, you have a TV Box. It is your new set-top box, and is now sleek and small enough to connect virtually anywhere, even out of sight behind your TV.

We designed the TV Box to extend Internet access throughout your home by turning every TV into a Wi-Fi extender. In addition, if your TV Box is connected to a coaxial wall jack, you can use its Ethernet port to connect your game console or other wired device for up to 100 Mbps. (The full gigabit speed is achievable only by connecting directly to the Network Box.)

Google Fiber TV Box, DVR included

Remote control

A standard remote control comes with your Google Fiber TV system. You can use the remote control in either infrared or Bluetooth® mode.

Remote with live button Remote without live button
Google Fiber remote with live button Google Fiber remote without live button

Phone Box

Google Fiber Phone comes with a Phone Box that includes a phone jack. We recommend you use a cordless phone so you can have handsets throughout your home.

Google Fiber Phone box ports and reset button.

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